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What Are Release Liners

One Sided Film Release Liner
One Sided Film Release Liners


Two Sided Film Release Liner
Two Sided Release Liners


Paper Release Liner S1S
Paper Release Liners


Paper Release Liner S2S
Paper Release Liners

Fox River Associates main products are paper and film release liners for pressure sensitive release liners. We sell release liners that bond with self adhesive products for a clean, strong application when removed. Release liners are available for a wide variety of industries and many applications. Our release liner engineers have mastered prototyping release liners over many years of practical field experimentation and use. While we have many release liner configurations ready for production, there are always new products with new requirements being created and Fox River Associates can match the right release liner with the new self adhesive product based on our experience or your own manufacturer's recommendations and specifications.

Our release liners are composed in multiple configurations including various iterations of one sided and two sided release liner substrates. The main difference in a one sided or two sided release liner is a second release liner encasing the film or paper release liner core. There can be other layers as well depending on the material or application but the basis of most of our release liners is the paper or film core.

Each of our release liners is engineered for a specific application or industry with specifications based on length, width, thickness, pressure resistance, temperature ratings, elasticity, flexibility and more.

While we can engineer new release liners, we have release liners for the following industries available:

  • Automotive Part Release Liners
  • Composite Material Release Liners
  • Electronics Component Release Liners
  • Graphic Design Release Liners
  • Industrial Product Release Liners
  • Medical Release Liners
  • Building/Construction Material Release Liners
  • Tag/Label Release Liners
  • Tape/Mastic Release Liners

If you are interested in finding out if your product can be improved or go to market with a Fox River Associates release liner, contact us today for more information or to set up a meeting or product demonstration.

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