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Understanding Release Liner Requirements

Variables Involved in Release Liner Design

The optimum design of a release liner is determined by its processing conditions and the demands of its end-use application. Many variables are involved in the proper design of a release liner including:

  • Physical properties of the substrate
  • Process and end-use temperatures
  • Die-cutting or slitting requirements
  • Application method
  • Adhesive type being applied, or other coatings/laminations used
  • Environmental conditions at converting/coating location

These important characteristics all come together to help you to deliver your unique product to your customer, in the best way possible. Fox River Associates works with you to ensure all requirements are defined and understood so that we provide you with the right release liner for your application.

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“The key to great communication is being adaptable,” Andrea Jones

In the release liner industry, one size does not fit all. This is true of products and of suppliers. Fox River Associates combines our years of experience, with a great understanding of customer needs, and then works closely and openly with customers to deliver the right products. Using this model, we value our customers and seek to develop long lasting relationships.

Unlike large corporate release liner suppliers, Fox River Associates is committed to being adaptable and flexible. We strive to meet all your needs by working closely with each individual customer. Our products are the highest quality and our extensive network of warehouse partners around the US helps us reduce lead times to help you to maintain and grow your business!

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