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Paper and film release liners are highly engineered materials. Specialized raw materials, manufacturing operations, and finishing processes combine to make up release liners used in a myriad of products and market applications.

Fox River Associates takes our role as a supplier of highly engineered release liners seriously. We offer a wide variety of siliconized film release liners and paper release liners to serve the demanding needs in the markets we serve. But like the end products they help produce, release liners are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product, rather they are designed for specific applications and end uses.

Release coatings are a critical component of the release liner construction. These release coatings are designed using a number of different formulations and coating methods – each which lead to the desired product performance. There are at least 3 critical elements when determining the right release coating for your release liner:

  1. Understanding the needed release force for the intended application
  2. Ensuring the release force will be stable under the environment (temperature and humidity)
  3. Selecting the proper release coating compatible with the adhesive or performance coating being used

Fox River Associates takes great care in ensuring our product offering meets these three important elements when we assist you in designing the correct release liner for your specific application.

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Processing Conditions Affect Release Coating Selection

Release liners are used in many applications with varying process conditions. Whether your release liner is used in a medical application, a tape or label application, or an industrial or composites application, the release coating must be optimized to accommodate your specific processing performance needs.

When assessing your release liner needs, the Fox River Associates team will discuss your specific process needs to help determine the appropriate release liner for your application. Some important performance characteristics include:

  • High/low speed release profile
  • Specialized adhesion properties
  • Time/temperature requirements of process and end use
  • Resistance to high/low temperatures
  • Environmental conditions
  • Release level, tight/medium/easy release

Release liners from Fox River Associates can be coated with release coatings on one-side, two-sides, two-sides with differential coatings and some substrates are available with specialty coatings or no coatings at all.

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Film and Paper Release Liners Designed for Your Needs

Our team understands that each release liner market application has specialized needs and processing/application environments. We have a strong understanding of the core markets we serve and the individualized requirements of each. Our experienced team can quickly help to focus on the right release coatings and release substrates that will provide the solution to meet your unique needs.

To serve you best, we offer a full line of filmic release liners including PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, Silicone Coated and Non-Silicone Coated Embossed Film, and Specialty Coextruded films. Our paper release liner offering includes Glassine, SCK, PCK, CCK and specialty paper substrates.

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