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Specialty Tape Release Liners: Highlight on Sealant Tape Applications

Sealant tape, or butyl masking tape, is a specialized product that creates a strong moisture barrier and acts to fill-in small spaces with its thick construction.  These sealant tapes are used in a variety of highly specialized applications including photovoltaics, automotive and building/construction. 

Fox River Associates works with our customers/partners to understand the exacting needs of these specialty tape applications and helps to identify and recommend the right release liners for your unique needs.

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Sealant Tapes = Demanding Application for Release Liners

Release liners used for sealant tapes are subject to several unique and demanding requirements.  Fox River Associates full line of release liners includes liners that:

  • Hold up to thick coatings
  • Perform well in a wide range of indoor and outdoor application temperatures
  • Slit cleanly into many roll widths
  • Remove easily and cleanly by hand at the application site
  • Stand up to the demanding need for moisture stability and layflat properties

Contact Fox River Associates today to learn more about our full product offering for sealant tapes – email us at or call us now us at 1-800-647-6579.  We’re here to serve you. 

Fox River Associates Delivers!

Fox River Associates offers a full range of release liner substrates and coatings for sealant tape applications.  Whether flexibility is required, or a special liner is needed because of thickness, we have the right release liner for your application.  Our product offering includes siliconized film release liners and siliconized paper release liners.  We offer single- and double-sided release liners for all your applications. 

It is critical that the release liners for sealant tape be designed for compatibility with the sealant/adhesive being used.  Working closely with our customers, Fox River Associates ask the right questions to understand the manufacturing and processing environment for the sealant application.  By partnering with customers, we deliver the optimal release liner for the application.

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Service Programs with You in Mind

Once the correct release liner is specified, Fox River Associates’ service program will deliver the right product in the quickest time frame.  We are committed to carrying inventory that allows us to deliver with short lead times to help our customers/partners grow.  With Fox River Associates, you are not restricted by large minimum order quantities or long lead times.

For pressure-sensitive tape applications, our ability to deliver converted, slit rolls to match your exact requirements makes Fox River Associates your preferred release liner supplier. 

Call Fox River Associates today at 1-800-647-6579 to experience how we can help you design the optimal release liner for your specialty tape application.    

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