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Specialty Converters Need Specialty Release Liners

Custom products are designed and manufactured for key parts in industrial, electronics, medical and automotive applications. A specialized group of converters transform tapes and adhesives from jumbo rolls of materials into the roll configuration needed to produce the final parts. Fox River Associates’ release liner products and service offerings makes us the perfect partner for specialty converters.

Specialty converters work with the product owner to design and develop custom products. These specialty converters are equipped to provide many valuable services including adhesive coating, laminating, die-cutting, slitting, spooling, sheeting and assembly for a wide variety of materials. Fox River Associates’ extensive line of release liners in inventory allows us to serve the market quickly.


The optimum design of a release liner is determined by its processing conditions and the complexity of its end-use application. Many variables are involved in the proper design of a release liner including:

  • Physical properties of the substrate
  • Process temperatures
  • Die-cutting or slitting requirements
  • Application method
  • Type of adhesives/coatings used
  • Environmental conditions at converting/coating location

These variables all factor into your product’s presentation and functionality as it is delivered to your customer. Fox River Associates works with you to ensure all requirements are defined and understood so that we provide you with the right release liner for your application.

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Fox River Associates’ product offering includes filmic release liners including PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, Silicone Coated, Fluorosilicone Coated, Non-Silicone Coated Embossed Film, and Specialty Coextruded films. Our paper release liner offering includes Glassine, SCK, PCK, CCK and Specialty Paper substrates.

Release liners from Fox River Associates can be silicone coated one-side, two-side, two-side with differential coatings and some substrates are available with specialty coatings or no coatings at all. We offer solvent and solventless based silicone coatings, as well as fluorosilicone coatings.

Our extensive product offering helps us to provide the best release liner, one that meets the varying requirements of Specialty Converters and their customers’ unique applications.

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Specialty converters produce customized products using their manufacturing expertise to deliver the best finished product for each unique application. Working closely with our specialty converter customers, Fox River Associates will ask the right questions to understand the manufacturing and processing requirements for each specific converting and die-cutting application. Our many years of expertise of release liner performance, adhesive compatibility, and materials knowledge is an important part of the service that Fox River Associates offers to our customers. By partnering with customers, we recommend and deliver the optimal release liner for the application.

We work closely with our customers/partners to provide release liner combinations that are specific for their unique products. Fox River Associates is an important part of the development team for custom converted and die-cut product applications.

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The combination of product knowledge with a full line of film release liners and paper release liners ensures Fox River Associates is the ideal partner for specialty converters. Regardless of the end-use application – industrial, electronics, medical, or automotive, Fox River Associates is your partner for helping to grow your specialty converting and die-cutting application.

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