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Siliconized Release Paper

Siliconized Film Release Liners

Since 1990, Fox River Associates has been engineering siliconized release paper for every type of industrial self-adhesive product application.

Fox River Associates is the industry’s top resource and supplier of siliconized release paper. Our talented team has forged a unique partnership with our experienced suppliers and valued customers. Your specific needs and requirements are valued as we work together to help attain your potential for success.

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Siliconized Release Paper for Wide Variety of Applications

The siliconized release paper available from Fox River Associates are offered to accommodate a wide range of configurations for a variety of unique applications. Our siliconized release paper comes in different strengths, colors, thicknesses, textures and more. We can make professional recommendations on what will perform best for your unique situation or job.

Among the many applications siliconized release paper can be used include:


  • Adhesive Bandages
  • Childrens Stickers
  • Indoor/Outdoor Notices
  • Information Badges
  • Interior Design Elements
  • Marketing Materials
  • Medical Instrumentation or diagnostic tools
  • Upholstery Application
  • Warning Labels


Siliconized Release Paper from Industry Experts

At Fox River Associates, we are industry experts who will professionally tailor your siliconized release paper specifically for your application and offer the perfect product for your needs and requirements. We can even brand silicone release paper with your company colors and logo.

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