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Siliconized Paper Release Liner Market Applications

Fox River Associates is a specialty supplier of siliconized paper release liners. These products are found in everyday uses like bandages, envelopes, and name tags, and in highly specialized industrial applications like specialty tapes, composites pre-preg and automotive/appliance bonding applications.

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Silicone as a Release Agent

Silicone release coatings are applied at low coatweights onto many substrates, including papers like Supercalendared Kraft (SCK) and glassine. The silicone release coatings form a non-stick surface useful in protecting pressure-sensitive adhesives until they are ready to be used. Siliconized Paper Release Liners are commonly used in label, graphic arts, medical and tape applications where pressure-sensitive adhesives are commonplace. These siliconized paper release liners also enable delivery of other sticky materials such as bituminious compounds for specialty industrial building & construction applications, industrial tapes, and composite pre-preg products.

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Market Applications for Siliconized Paper Release Liners

Siliconized Paper Release liners are used in a wide variety of market applications. Fox River Associates’ product offering includes siliconized paper release liners for all market applications, including these examples:

  • Die Cut or Kiss Cut Parts for Industrial Applications - siliconized paper release liners can be used with acrylic, hot melt, removable, and rubber adhesives.
  • Building & Construction applications for siliconized paper release liners include Anti-Skid/Surface Tapes, Ice & Water Tapes, Seaming/Flashing Applications, Soundproofing Materials, Underlayment, and Waterproofing.
  • Specialty Composite Applications utilize siliconized paper release liners for Composite Panels, Fabric Prepreg, Resin Film Manufacture, and Uni-directional Tape.
  • Medical Applications include Electrodes, Ostomy applications, Securement Tapes, Transdermal patches, Wearable devices, and Wound Care applications. Siliconized paper release liners can be used with acrylic, hot melt, hydrogel, hydrocolloid, removable and rubber adhesives.

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Deep Understanding to Meet Your Needs

Fox River Associates is not your typically release liner supplier. The true advantage of partnering with Fox River Associates is our deep understanding of processing and end application requirements in the markets we serve, matched with the highest quality release liner products, delivered with unparalleled service.

We work in partnership with our customers to recommend the best performing release liner for the required application and conditions. Our experienced team takes the time to learn about our customers’ specifications, processing conditions and end-use applications.

We are highly qualified to discuss coating and manufacturing environments, adhesives and coatings, release parameters and end-use application conditions. It is our role to understand the demanding requirements for release liners and recommend the right product for each customer’s specific needs.

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