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Siliconized Film Release Liners

Siliconized Film Release Liners Fox River Associates is your leading resource for siliconized film substrate solutions for self-adhesive products. We offer a wide variety of siliconized film release liners for a variety of industries and markets. If we happen to not have the right configuration of siliconized film substrate to match your product’s specifications, we have the capacity to get one prototyped for you. Our only offering is release liners and we are great at what we do, so let us help make your product perform as well as possible with our siliconized film substrate solutions.

Siliconized Film Options

Every siliconized film release liner is different for every product. The size, shape, and thickness can vary from one project to another but our production will get it right every time. When your siliconized film substrate needs a certain specification, we meet it exactly. You can even customize your siliconized film release liners by making them a color or branding them with your logo.

Siliconized Film Specifications

If your siliconized film release liner has unique or new specifications, we can accommodate them in almost any case. Our customer service staff is here to help if you are unsure of the specifications you need. We can help engineer your siliconized film release liner if specifications are not provided or are unknown. We have different calipers, colors, heat resistances, cold resistances, and flexibilities available for your siliconized film release liner.

Get Started on Your Siliconized Film Release Liners Today

For more information about ordering or prototyping a siliconized film release liner for your self-adhesive product, contact Fox River Associates today at (800)647-6579 for more information. If you prefer we contact you, fill out our easy contact form along the left and our siliconized film release liner specialists can get back to you with the exact information you request.

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