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Release Liners for the Roofing Market

Release liners play an essential role in the roofing industry. At Fox River Associates, we will make sure that we exceed your demands on your release liners. We will receive your request and work as hard as we can to fulfill your order. Our release liners are reliable, of great quality, and also have a long shelf life. We work side by side with roofing product manufacturers to produce the most effective release liners possible.

Our release liners for the roofing market will protect the adhesive surface. At Fox River Associates we will adjust to our customer’s specific needs and requirements. We offer several different release liners. Each release liner for the roofing market is of high quality and consistent to the specific manufacturing’s conditions. We are constantly looking for way to improve our release liners every day.

Fox River Associates release liners are offered in several ways. One being either the poly coated 1 or 2 sided release liners. Our release liners are layered first by have an outside silicone layer or both sided if you chose to have the double sided release liner. Next you will have a poly layer on top and bottom of a paper layer. Then depending on if you got double or single you should have either a silicone layer or a poly layer on bottom.

Roofing Release Liners Roofing Release Liners

Release liners for the roofing market are available in:

  • Poly Release Liners
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Release Liners
  • Polypropylene(PP) Release Liners
  • High Density (HDPE) Release Liners
  • Low Density(LDPE) Release Liners
  • Equal or Differential Release Liners

We take the time to make sure that our release liners for the roofing market can handle harsh elements. That’s why at Fox River Associates we utilize both low (LDPE) and high (HDPE) density polyethylene. LDPE is a thermoplastic that is made from monomer ethylene. LDPE is one of the most widely used plastics especially in most containers. The HD or HDPE release liners are high density polyethylene release liners which have a very large strength to density ratio meaning the liners are stronger and more durable than a normal release liner.

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