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Release Liner

Why Material Compatibility is Important

A release liner is a product that carries a sticky substrate (pressure sensitive adhesive or chemical compound) until it is ready for its next step. Sometimes called a 'carrier' or a 'backing' paper/film, release liners hold onto or carry the sticky substrate, until whatever it is carrying is ready to be released.

There is a unique connection between the sticky substrates – typically an adhesive, sealant, or coating - and the release liner.  Material compatibility is critically important, and Fox River Associates specializes in helping you choose the right paper release liner or film release liner for your application and your adhesive.

A release liner can be film-based, paper-based, polycoated-paper based, or even have unique substrates, such as metallized papers/films as their base. Release liner substrates are often coated with silicone release coatings, which allows whatever the liner is carrying to release when the time is right. However, this release can also be accomplished with non-silicone release coatings or even with a surface characteristic of the substrate that doesn’t require a coating at all. These are highly specialized release liners.

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Application Needs for Release Liners

The specific market application will determine the sticky substrate that your film or paper release liner needs to be compatible with.  Fox River Associates supplies film release liners and paper release liners that are compatible with a wide range of adhesives, sealants, and sticky coatings.

Building & Construction:  Fox River Associates supplies film and paper release liners to meet the demanding applications and the indoor and outdoor stringent requirements in building and construction applications. Fox River Associates has the expertise to recommend the appropriate film or paper release liner to be compatible with the range of adhesives, sealants and coatings used in building and construction.  Paper release liners from Fox River Associates are often used with acrylic, butyl and hot melt compounds, while aggressive rubberized asphaltic compounds, bitumen and butyl compounds are commonly used with film release liners from Fox River Associates.

Medical:  Medical products utilize a wide variety of adhesives including silicone, hydrogel, acrylic, urethanes, hydrocolloids, drug loaded adhesives and soft skin contact adhesives.  Fox River Associates offers a full line of film release liners including silicone and fluorosilicone release coatings to help serve your needs. Paper release liners from Fox River Associates are compatible with many medical grade adhesives and used in production of bandages, electrodes, wound care and medical devices.

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