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Release Liner Applications

Release Liners Applications Fox River Associates has established a reputation of providing their customers with high-quality release liners that are specially created for their application. The thickness, width, length, temperature ratings, flexibilty, and pressure resistance are only some of the factors that are brought into consideration when we engineer a release liner for a given application. In order to insure that adhesive compounds will separate cleanly from the release liner, we will coat one or both sides of the release liner with a special release agent. The release liners that we can provide you with will work great with self-adhesive products, giving you an effective, clean application once removed. At Fox River Associates, we engineer release liners for a large variety of configurations, including both one-sided and two-sided release liner substrates.

Release Liners Applications

Release Liner Industries and Markets

If your industry or product already has specifications for a release liner, that’s okay. We can match it perfectly, insuring you the release liner that you need for the job. We already have release liners available for several products and industries, including:

  • Automotive Part Release Liners
  • Composite Material Release Liners
  • Electronics Component Release Liners
  • Graphic Design Release Liners
  • Industrial Product Release Liners
  • Medical Release Liners
  • Roofing / Construction Material Release Liners
  • Tag / Label Release Liners
  • Tape / Mastic Release Liners

If we have not already engineered a solution that will work perfectly for your self-adhesive product, we work with expert engineers who can create a custom release liner for nearly any specification. If you need a custom fit release liner for a specific shape, we can cut any of our release liners into virtually any shape you need. At Fox River Associates, we have very few limitations on volume for production. So in nearly every case, we can produce as many, or as few, release liners as you need for your order. Whether you already have the release liner specifications you need, or you need help with the concept, prototyping, and production of a custom release liner, Fox River Associates is here to help you. Fill out the form on this page to request more information today!

For more information release liner applications or markets, contact Fox River Associates today at 630.232.3824. Also feel free to fill out our easy-to-use form along the left and one of our release liner sales specialists will get back to you shortly.


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