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Release Liners FOr foam converting

Release liners play a significant role in foam converting processes, which involve transforming foam materials into various products or components for different applications. Foam converting can include operations such as diecutting, laminating, and creating complex shapes from foam materials.

Release liners from Fox River Associates benefit foam converters by providing protection to the foams during lamination, die-cutting, handling/storage and assembly of foam products.

Learn more about the full line of paper release liners and film release liners from Fox River Associates, including our products designed for use in foam converting by contacting us today on 1-800-647-6579. Or use the form on this page – our team is ready to collaborate with you.

Die-Cutting Protection

Diecutting involves using a specialized tool/die to cut specific shapes. For foam converting, this is a critical part of a product’s design. Release liners from Fox River Associates are designed to ensure that there is a clean cut to the foam and that the adhesive does not stick to the tool, preserving the integrity of the adhesive on the foam for later use.

Fox River Associates offers a wide array of paper release liners and film release liners to serve your exacting needs. Our product offering includes a variety of release coatings. Our technical specialists are ready to collaborate with you to determine the right release liner for your application.

Need technical help in determining the right release liner for your foam converting application? Use the form on this page or contact our team at We’re ready to work with you.

Assembly of Foam Products

Foam Products are used in automotive, construction, electrical, packaging, and other industrial applications. Film release liners and paper release liners from Fox River Associates are used to help assemble these products by carrying the foam and the adhesive through the process. Strong adhesion and clean removal from the release liner are critical components to the assembly of foam products, and the technical team at Fox River Associates can help you identify the right release liner for use with your adhesive and foam chemistries.

You can rely on the Fox River Associates team to help determine your specific needs for release liners and to recommend the appropriate release liner products for your application. Call us today at 1-800-647-6579 or email us at

Whether you are producing foam packaging, foam gaskets, or foams for electronic device manufacture in automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics and appliances, Fox River Associates has a release liner for your needs. In addition to our substrate knowledge, our team has experience with all the industry’s different adhesive and sealant technologies. Our experience ensures we can specify the right release liner for your application.

Wide Variety of Release Liners for Converting Applications

Fox River Associates’ product offering includes film release liners and paper release liners in a wide range of substrates.

Fox River Associates product offering includes:

  • Filmic Release Liners: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, Specialty Coextruded and Embossed
  • Paper Release Liners: Glassine, SCK, PCK, CCK, MGK, Moisture Stable and Specialty Base Papers
  • Release Coatings: S1S, S2S, Equal and Differential; Solvent, Solventless, Fluoro
  • Enhancements: Colors, Printing

Contact Fox River Associates today to learn more about our full release liner product offering for specialty foam converting applications – call us at 1-800-647-6579 or email us at

Custom Applications Need Knowledgeable Partners

At Fox River Associates, we recognize that each foam application is uniquely different. We ask the right questions to understand the manufacturing and processing environment for the specific converting and/or die-cutting applications. Our combined years of detailed understanding of adhesive/sealant compatibility and materials knowledge is an important part of our service offering to our customers. By partnering with customers, we recommend and deliver the optimal release liner for the application – especially during the innovation and design engineering stages.

Our team understands the requirements of release liners for durability in die-cutting, performance in high temperature processing environments, consistent release properties, and the growing need for sustainability in the innovative foam processing industry. 

We collaborate with our customers/partners to provide sheet samples and trial rolls during the prototype phase of the project.  Fox River Associates becomes a part of the development team for custom converted and die-cut product applications. 

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