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Release liners play a crucial role in electronics manufacturing, particularly in processes involving self adhesive materials. Electronics applications utilizing release liners include touchscreens, displays and circuit boards – all areas experiencing continued growth.

Fox River Associates delivers a full line of paper release liners and film release liners for these critical technical applications. Our technical team is knowledgeable of the specific needs and specifications for electronics manufacturing and assembly and are ready to work with you.

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Benefits of Release Liners for Electronics Applications

  1. Protective Backing for Adhesives

Many electronic components, such as tapes, labels, and unsupported adhesives, have a sticky side that needs to be protected until it is ready for its intended use.  Release liners from Fox River Associates serve as the protective backing for these adhesive materials, protecting them from damage and preventing them from sticking to unintended surfaces before application.

  1. Die-Cutting and Precision Handling

Often self adhesive electronics applications involve diecutting of intricate shapes. Paper and film release liners from Fox River Associates are specifically designed to ensure that the adhesive material stays in place during the die-cutting process, allowing for precise and clean cuts, and for easy removal during final application.

  1. Lining for Double-Sided Tapes

Double-sided tapes used in electronics production often have a release liner on both sides of the construction, allowing the tape to be wound into a roll without sticking to itself. During application, the user can peel off one side of the release liner, apply the tape, and then remove the other side of the release liner. The experienced technical team at Fox River Associates understand the intricacies of designing the right set of release liners for these exacting applications.

  1. Assembly of Electronic Components

Adhesive materials are used to bond electronic components together, using the release liner to protect the adhesives during transportation and assembly staging. Fox River Associates offers a full line of paper and film release liners that maximize protection and usability.

  1. Surface Protection for Electronic Displays

Electronic displays can easily be damaged and scratched, especially during manufacturing processes and transportation. Film release liners from Fox River Associates are designed to provide adequate adhesion and protection for these critical applications.

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Fox River Associates Can Handle All Your Electronic Release Liner Needs

Whether you are manufacturing or processing touchscreens, displays or circuit boards, Fox River Associates has the release liners for electronics market products to serve your unique needs. Our release liners keep your sensitive electronic parts safe from damage and contamination during your processes, and through shipping to consumers.

Release liners from Fox River Associates are backed by our customer-centered service programs and our experienced technical team.

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