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Release Liners Designed for Medical Market Applications

The medical device market and healthcare industries are constantly innovating, developing, and creating improved and groundbreaking technologies. To keep up with the rapid development of these amazing products, release liners for today’s pressure sensitive medical applications must be available in a wide variety of substrates, coatings, and release forces, and must be readily available to serve the market demand.

Fox River Associates delivers a breadth of release liners for medical devices, medical applications, and healthcare product needs.

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Meeting Medical Market Release Liner Specifications

Fox River Associates works to ensure that our release liners for the medical market are designed and engineered to perform to the highest standards, under a large variety of conditions.

Medical devices and pressure-sensitive medical products have a wide variety of uses for release liners. Release liners for wound care products often need to be flexible, and release liners for electrodes may need to be more rigid and stable. Fox River Associates offers a wide variety of film release liners and paper release liners to meet these applications.

Our team works closely with partners to understand the processing and end-use environments for release liners so we can recommend the most appropriate options for the highest quality performance. We consider processing speeds, temperatures, and cleanliness. We consider the need for stretch, moisture exposure, application methods and even storage conditions of the final product in the design considerations for the release liner.

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Service Programs to Support Medical Applications

After working to identify the most appropriate release liner for your medical applications, Fox River Associates’ service program are designed to carry inventory to ensure we deliver the needed product in the quickest industry time frame. Our service includes providing release liner in rolls that match the required width and length – the ‘right size’ to match customer needs. At Fox River Associates, customers are not restricted by large minimum order quantities.

Our nationwide network of service centers and warehouse facilities with locations near customers ensure we can provide quality service quickly. We understand that well-managed inventory is a key contributor to our customers’ business success.

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