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Specifying Technical Release Liners

Fox River Associates is the preferred choice for specialty technical release liners.  Our product offering includes film release liners and paper release liners to serve all the industry applications.  Our release liners are used in construction materials like roofing, house wrap, and flashing tape, as well as medical applications for drug delivery systems, electrodes and bandages. Fox River Associates is unparalleled when it comes to product quality, consistency, and customer service.

Working with Fox River Associates

Our experienced technical team specializes in identifying the right release liner for the application’s requirements.  Fox River Associates can recommend, demonstrate, and compare release liners.  Our goal is to provide the best and most reliable release liners every time.

We have the deep knowledge in release liner design that helps us quickly understand your specific needs and work with you to drive the right product recommendation.  We understand substrates, processing environments, transportation and storage conditions, die-cutting and slitting requirements and end-use environmental conditions.

At Fox River Associates we offer a full line of film and paper release liners to serve all your application needs.

  • Film release liner products: PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, Silicone Coated and Non-Silicone Coated Embossed Films and Specialty Films
  • Paper release liner products: Glassine, SCK, PCK, CCK and Specialty Paper substrates
  • Release Coatings: Silicone (Solvent, Solventness) and Fluoro release coatings, S1S or S2S (Equal or Differential)
  • Slit reels 0.25” width to 90” reels
  • Small diameter reels
  • Spooling of film/paper liners
  • Sheeting

We focus on helping customers sustain and grow their businesses by having release liner products available when, how and where you need it.  Working with Fox River Associates, you are not restricted by large minimum order quantities or long lead times.  Our service includes providing release liner in rolls that match the width and length that makes the most sense for your unique process.

For more information about Fox River Associates’ full line of film and paper release liner products use the form on this page and our experienced team will contact you.

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