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Unrivaled Release Liner Supplier Services

Here at Fox River Associates, our customers come first. We work with our customers as their go to resource to ensure they receive the appropriate release liner needed for their applications and provide fast delivery wherever our customers need it.

We strive to carry the highest quality inventory for both paper release liners and film release liners on hand as part of our unique service offerings you simply won’t find from other release liner suppliers.

Release Liners on Demand

At Fox River Associates, we stand out from the majority of other suppliers in the industry. Instead of imposing large minimum order quantities and delivery wait times, we specialize in convenience and efficiency. By maintaining a ready inventory of release liner products, we’re always ready to cater to our customers’ needs. With the support of our vast network of warehouse partners across the United States, our team ensures prompt delivery of your products empowering your business to flourish unrestricted!

Our team is ready to work with you right away. Learn how we can meet all your release liner supplier needs with our managed inventory practices by contacting Fox River Associates today at 1-800-647-6579.

Tailored Precision with Custom Slitting, Sheeting and Spooling at Your Service

Partnering with Fox River Associates brings a multitude of advantages. Not only do we take pride in offering release liner products of the utmost quality, but we go the extra step to tailor deliveries according to your needs to help maximize your operation efficiency.

Our offerings range from narrow width slitting, spooling and sheeting services allowing to deliver a seamless integration with your operations. Each service is executed with the same meticulous precision to uphold our commitment to excellence. Narrow width slitting, spooling, and sheeting are all related to release liners as different processes used to customize and prepare the release liner products for specific applications.

Narrow width slitting involves cutting the release liner into narrower strips or rolls. This allows for greater flexibility in the size and dimensions of the release liner to make it suitable for various industries and applications. It ensures that the release liner perfectly matches the requirements of the end product or the specific machinery used during production.

Spooling is a technique where the release liner is wound onto a spool or reel. This process simplifies the handling and unwinding of the release liner during manufacturing and application. Spooling is especially beneficial for applications that require longer lengths of release liner or when frequent changes of release liner rolls are necessary.

Sheeting involves cutting the release liner into individual sheets of specific dimensions. This process is commonly used when the release liner needs to be pre-cut into precise sizes, ready for direct use in specific applications. Sheeting streamlines workflow and ensures that the release liner is readily available in the required dimensions, saving time during the production process.

Bring our service capabilities into your operations by filling out our quick contact form or give us a call to reach us even faster at 1-800-647-6679.

Our Product Offerings Ready For You

In collaboration with you, we invest resources into accommodating your needs, leveraging our technical expertise to provide more than just the product you need, but the proper quality possible of that product. Our offerings include:

  • Film Release Liners: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET and Specialty Coextruded Films
    • For products like medical tapes, transdermal patches, insulating tape, bonding tape, surface protection liners, noise and vibration dampening tapes, masking tapes, fabric adhesives, and more.
  • Paper Release Liners: Glassine, SCK, PCK, CCK, MGK and Moisture Stable and Specialty Base Papers
    • For products like packing tapes, high-temperature tapes, mounting tapes, masking tapes, medical and healthcare products, electronic assembly tape, shielding tape, appliance labels, fabric bonding tape, and more.
  • Coatings: Solvent, Solventless and Fluoro, S1S, S2S (Equal and Differential)
    • For a wide range of industry products with options that allow for the suitable level of adhesion, release characteristics, and environmental considerations.

At Fox River Associates we work with customers in all the technical market applications where release liners are used, including:

  • Automotive:  Release liners are used in the automotive industry for applications such as vehicle production tapes, EV battery production, aftermarket accessories, replacement parts, trim panels, gaskets, decals, noise dampening and more.
  • Building & Construction:  In the construction industry, products that use release liners include adhesive tapes, waterproofing membranes, foam tapes, and various types of construction sealants.
  • Composites:  Release liners for prepreg manufacturing operations, composite panel production and resin filming processes.
  • Industrial:  From specialty adhesive compatibility for electronics to production liners for foam packaging and gaskets, our liners meet your needs.
  • Label / Graphic Arts:  Our liners are a reliable carrier for adhesive and facestock during printing, diecutting, converting and application.
  • Medical:  Full offering of release liners for demanding medical products including emerging biomedical devices and other products like medical tapes, wound dressings, transdermal patches, electrode pads, test strips and more.
  • Tape:  Release liners for tape applications for fastening, bonding, mounting and sealing mechanisms.
  • Specialty Converting:  Wide variety of release liners to support the development of custom products and services.

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