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Release liner products are used in dramatically different applications from industry to industry…even within individual industries.

Fox River Associates is an experienced, proven release liner supplier that understands the requirements of the industries we serve. Our release liner offering includes a variety of base materials for film release liners and paper release liners to meet your application needs.

Importance of Picking the Correct Substrate

When considering the type of release liner to use in your application, Fox River Associates will help you identify the conditions your product will be exposed to and the performance requirements of the base release liner substrate. It is important to consider how the release liner will be processed, how it will serve as a carrier and how it is delivered to subsequent processes and/or to the customer.

In selecting the best release liner, appearance and functionality of the base substrate can both play an important role. Will your release liner be exposed to high temperature? Does it need stiffness for layflat or a heavy coat weight application? Are process or environmental moisture a consideration?

Fox River’s approach to recommending a substrate for your application is like the hierarchy of a funnel. You begin with many options, and by asking the right questions about the application, process, temperature, moisture, and method of release – we can move down through the funnel to be able to recommend the best options for your product.

Fox Rivers Associates’ is an excellent tool to assist you in this process to progress to a point where together with our knowledgeable representatives you can hone in on the best release liner for you.

Fox River Associates Offers a Breadth of Substrates

Fox River Associates offers a full breadth of paper substrates for paper release liners and film substrates for film release liners.

Base films for film release liners offer variety in thickness, strength, color/clarity, die cutability, flexibility/conformability, temperature resistance and cleanliness. Generally, film release liners offer good durability and exposure to environmental elements.

Paper release liners come in a variety of weights and the base papers are available in poly coated and direct coated versions. Paper release liners offer improved stiffness, strength, kiss cutability, good ink holdout and some offer good “lay flat” characteristics.

Fox River Associates Siliconized Film Release Liners

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyester (PET)
  • Specialty Coextruded
  • Embossed (PE)

Fox River Associates Siliconized Paper Release Liners

  • Glassine
  • Super Calendared Kraft (SCK)
  • Poly Coated Kraft (PCK)
  • Clay Coated Kraft (CCK)
  • Machine Glazed Kraft (MGK)
  • Moisture Stable and Specialty Base Papers

Contact Fox River Associates today – our associates can explain the benefits of each of the film release liner and paper release liner products we offer. Call 1-800-647-6579.

Film and Paper Release Liners Designed for Your Needs

Because we focus on customer satisfaction, we are committed to carrying inventory of release liner products that allows us to deliver in a timely fashion and help our customers grow. With Fox River Associates you won’t be restricted by large minimum order quantities. Our strong collaboration with our partners ensures we’re working together to serve the needs of our customers for product quality, product availability, and delivery. Our goal is to be your preferred supplier for film release liners and paper release liners.

For more information on release liners for your application, use the form on this page, or call us today at 1-800-647-6579. We’re ready to work with you.

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