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Release Liner Specialists

In their simplest form, release liners carry sticky stuff (mostly pressure sensitive adhesives) until they are ready for their next steps. But, with a vast variety of base substrates, coatings, adhesives and end-use applications, there is nothing simple about selecting the right release liner.

Release liner can be film-based, paper-based, polycoated-paper based, or even have unique substrates, such as metallized papers/films as their base. Release liner substrates are often coated with silicone, which allows whatever the liner is carrying to release when the time is right. However, this release can also be accomplished with non-silicone coatings or even with a surface characteristic of the substrate that doesn’t require a coating at all. These are highly specialized technical release liners.

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Multiple End-Use Market Applications

Medical markets utilize release liners for applications including electrodes, wound dressings, transdermal patches, wearable devices and where products are adhered to the skin. Medical applications can require higher levels of cleanliness in the manufacturing process, and the products must often meet special regulatory requirements. The removal of the release liner for these products is usually done by hand, often by the consumer, so consistency of release is imperative.

Industrial applications for release liner include building and construction applications such as roofing, underlayments, seam or flashing tapes, weatherproofing and insulation products. Automotive, tape and foam fabrication products all require a variety of highly functioning release liners.

Composites for aerospace, industrial, wind energy, recreation, and automotive applications utilize release liners during the manufacture of the prepreg used in the manufacture of finished composite products. These are highly technical applications where the liner is exposed to high-temperature variations, sometimes as great as 300 degrees Fahrenheit and must maintain its dimensional stability.

Pressure-sensitive labels, tapes, and graphic arts are global applications where a combination of several performance characteristics is important in the release liner. Surface consistency, caliper consistency, smoothness, and strength are critical for the high-speed coating, demanding die-cutting and sophisticated converting seen in these markets. Add the high-speed requirements for label dispensing and you can see that these applications require a combination of technical performance characteristics to make the final product high performing.

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Fox River Associate’s Product and Services for Release Liners

Fox River Associates specializes in offering a wide variety of release liner products – siliconized films and papers that are customized to your technical specifications. We work with customers to understand their specific needs, and to assist in recommending the appropriate product for their unique application. Our commitment to carrying inventory allows us to deliver in a timely fashion to help our customers/partners grow. With Fox River Associates, you are not restricted by large minimum order quantities.

For more information about release liners and the Fox River Associates product offering that can help serve your needs, contact us at 800-647-6579.

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