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Growth of Medical Wearable Devices Increases
Specialized release liners

Vast drivers for wearable medical devices

The healthcare and medical industries have seen significant changes in the past ten years, and continued investment in new products is expected in the coming years.  The use of technology applied to all wearable devices (fitness and health gadgets, reality gaming devices, and smart watches, for example), including medical wearable devices such as transdermal drug delivery systems, and patient monitoring systems will remain strong.  Medical wearable devices involve skin contact and medical grade adhesives.  Developments in these areas necessitate the highest quality raw materials, including release liners.

There are many technological and societal changes that are driving the use of wearable medical devices.  Everyone in the value chain, from raw material suppliers to consumers is experiencing transformations in the way that products are designed and used.  Some of the most significant drivers for wearable medical devices include:

  • Advances in wireless technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which supports long-term use and increased connectivity
  • Consumers’ fascination with self-monitoring is carrying over into the clinical arena
  • A rise in chronic conditions, from diabetes to heart disease to COPD, whose management depends on ongoing monitoring
  • Efforts to cut healthcare costs by shifting care to outpatient settings, including the home, while maintaining clinical oversight of the patient

Silicone Adhesives offer advantages for performance and patient comfort

Silicone adhesives are a preferred material for medical applications because they deliver the appropriate adhesion with gentle removal.  Throughout the device’s application, therapeutic wear and removal, the adhesive must ensure that the device stays in place and does no damage to the skin.  Because silicone adhesives deliver the right balance, their use in the medical market has expanded exponentially in the last decade.   

Medical adhesive suppliers have continued to develop pressure-sensitive adhesives that meet the needs for a wide variety of medical devices and a wide variety of skin types.  These developments have resulted in the growing use of silicone adhesives in geriatric, neonatal and other fragile skin care applications to enhance patient comfort, extend wear time, and minimize the risk of damage upon removal.

Fox River Associates specializes in release liners for medical applications including wearable medical devices.  Contact our team today at 1-800-647-6579, or fill out the form on this page for more information. 

Ensuring Release Liner Compatibility

When using a silicone adhesive it is imperative to choose the right release liner.  Traditional solvent and solventless platinum catalyzed or solvent tin catalyzed silicone coatings, for example, will not properly release from these silicone adhesives.  Additionally, high temperatures are needed to cure these adhesives, and special release liner substrates are required for these processing conditions. 

Fluoro release systems coated on polyester film release liner substrates are the most commonly offered and most compatible release systems available today for use with silicone adhesives.  Additionally, new non-coated release films are being introduced and should be considered for applicability.

Fox River Associates – Serving the Medical Release Liner Market

Fox River Associates offers a full range of release liners for the medical market including PET Film Release Liners, PP, HDPE, LDPE Film Release Liners, Glassine and SCK Paper Release Liners, PCK Paper Release Liners and 1 side and 2 side coated products.

Standard Fluoro release liners offered by Fox River Associates include:

  • FRA 310 50um Clear PET S1S Fluorosilicone 2 MIL clear polyester with heat stability for direct coating or lamination with a variety of silicone adhesives.   This liner offers excellent lay flat, virtually no shrinkage and has a superior die cutting surface.
  • FRA 345 50um Clear PET S1S Fluorocarbon 2 MIL clear polyester offers heat stability for direct coating most silicone adhesives.   This liner can also be laminated, is an excellent die cutting surface and is slightly less costly than most fluorosilicone options.  
  • FRA T122 60um HDPE Blue Embossed 2.4 MIL high density polyethylene embossed for laminating silicone adhesives.   The unique embossing structure on this new product offering allows release as well as air egress to the adhesive before applying pressure.    The color of the film offers not only ease of identification in operating room environments but can also be tailored for product distinction.   This liner solution, coupled with one of the clear PET fluoro liners, makes it a unique product offering to the medical market.

Other non-coated options or custom release liner products can be designed by Fox River Associates upon request.

To learn more about our fluorosilicone release liners and non-coated release films for wearable medical devices, contact Fox River Associates at, 1-800-647-6579 or fill out the form on this page and an associate will respond shortly.

Fox River Associates Offers Solutions

Fox River Associates works diligently with our supplier partners to offer release liners that work well with all of today’s medical market needs.   Stock rolls are always on hand and can be tailor slit to your desired width/length.  We are committed to continually expanding our product offering as the market and product offerings evolve.

For more information on release liners for medical applications, contact Fox River Associates at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page and our experienced team will contact you.

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