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Release Liner for Tape Applications

Pressure sensitive tapes are relatively thin, flexible materials that will adhere to a variety of substrates when applied with pressure. These tapes do not require solvent, water or heat to adhere the tape to the intended surface.

Release Liner for TapeContinued advancement in release liner design, development and adhesive performance have driven the increased use of specialty self-adhesive tapes as a replacement for traditional fastening, bonding, mounting, sealing and masking mechanisms. Because they are lightweight, versatile and are available with a vast variety of adhesives, self adhesive tapes allow for customization to the specific needs of the application. These tapes are easy-to-use, quickly applied, and help ensure a clean assembly process. Specialty self-adhesive tapes are commonly used in the medical, automotive, building & construction, electronics, graphic arts/printing and electrical industries.

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Release Liner/Adhesive Compatibility

For specialty tape applications, compatibility between the selected release liners and the specific adhesive is critical. Working closely with our customers, Fox River Associates ask the right questions to understand the manufacturing and processing environment for the tape, as well as the end use application. By partnering with customers, we deliver the optimal release liner for the application.

Fox River Associates offers a full range of release liner substrates and coating combinations for the tape industries’ varied needs. We offer both siliconized film release liners and siliconized paper release liners. These include single side coated as well as two side differential release coatings. Our product offering includes silicone coated as well as fluorosilicone and fluorocarbon and other release coatings for high-end specialty tape applications. For self-adhesive tape applications, it is imperative that the release liner have stable differentials and be engineered for end-use slitting and die-cutting operations.

The Fox River Tape Market product offering includes:

  • PET Film Release Liners
  • PP, HDPE, and LDPE Film Release Liners
  • Glassine Paper Release Liners
  • PCK Paper Release Liners
  • 1 Side and 2 Side (Equal and Differential) Release Coatings

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Once the correct release liner is specified, Fox River Associates’ service program will deliver the right product in the quickest time frame. We are committed to carrying inventory that allows us to deliver in a timely fashion to help our customers/partners grow. With Fox River Associates, you are not restricted by large minimum order quantities. For pressure-sensitive tape applications, our ability to deliver converted, slit rolls to match your requirements makes Fox River Associates your preferred release liner supplier.

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