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Release Liner Applications

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Fox River Associates engineers release liners for a multitude of applications from automotive self adhesive parts to adhesive tapes. Our release liners have been perfected to work with products based on leading industry specifications or can be custom engineered to work specifically with your product.

Release liners for automotive parts can be anything from a gasket for the engine to accessories for the cabin. Release liners for the automotive market are typically film based for all weather storage and remain usable in hot or cold extremes.

Release liners for the automotive market are straight forward for parts; you remove the release liner and apply the part. Other release liner types are for production use. The application of a release liner between composite materials during production keeps the composite from sticking to each other before they are fully solid or while they are stored in potentially warm areas.

A release liner for the electronic market is a bit more delicate due to precision components and expensive parts of computers or the equipment it's being applied to. Some release liners for the electronics market are static free, just like the packages, not to damage electronic components. The same precautions taken with microprocessors can be taken with release liners.

Release liners for the graphic design market are applied directly, you print graphics on self adhesive paper or stock and the release liner can be applied and removed before application. Large signage, graphics, vinyls, or decals can have heavier release liners to protect the graphic itself from folding or creasing before application, preserving the image for a better application.

Release liners for the medical market are usually more sterile than an automotive or industrial release liner may need to be. Some standards are set for certain release liner applications, such as diagnostic equipment or drug administration devices will have an actual clean policy during production to ensure the safety of the people using the products in the field.

The use of release liners is more common than people realize and the applications are endless when it comes to customization and creativity. Our release liners are quality tested to the highest standards and your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us today to find out how our release liners can help your product be even better.

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