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Fox River Associates Understands Process Liners for Technical Markets


Process lIners Technical Market

Release liners are used in many technical processing applications.  Fox River Associates offers a full breadth of film and paper release liners to serve the divergent needs in the marketplace.  Our ability to engineer release liners for specific applications and particularly unique conditions is the Fox River Advantage.  For example, our team can help you design and engineer liners for maximum performance when exposed to extreme heat or cold, or to achieve flexibility throughout your process.  Whether your business is about foam fabrication, automotive parts, insect/pest traps, gasket manufacturing, electronics, appliance parts or laminates, Fox River Associates has the right product to meet your needs. 

Technical/Industrial Market – Wide Variety of Processing and Application Conditions

End-use markets involved in technical and industrial applications require different performances from release liners.  From process liners to component liners, Fox River Associates has a product to meet your needs.  The requirements of the release liner are often dictated by the processing conditions of the product being produced and the end-use application.  From temperature to moisture, die-cutting to sheeting, industrial release liners are subject to harsh processing and end-use application handling.  Fox River Associates products meet the challenge. 

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Full Product Offering Including PET Liners

Our full breadth of products – filmic release liners and paper release liners, coupled with the highest quality silicone coating – delivers you the widest choice of products for your application.  Our products are available in one- or two-side release coatings, equal and differential, and come in a variety of color options to suit your processing needs. 

Fox River Associates’ PET film is ideal for industrial applications.  Our PET film liners are resistant to high and low temperatures and make an extremely tough, durable liner for kiss or die cutting thick or multi-layered materials.   Polyesters perform well with high tensile strength, transparency, reflectivity, gas barrier properties and electrical insulation.

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The Fox River Associates Advantage: Partnering for your Success

At Fox River Associates, the real advantage of working with us is our deep understanding of your processing and end application requirements, matched with the highest quality release liner products, delivered with unparalleled service.  We works in partnership with our customers to engineer the best performing release liner for the intended conditions.  We take the time to learn about your exacting specifications, processing conditions and end-use application.  We are highly qualified to discuss adhesives, release parameters and application conditions.  It is our role to understand your demanding requirements for release liners, and recommend the right product for your needs.  Contact Fox River Associates today so we can start learning about your needs.  Use the form at the left, or call us at 1-800-647-6579.

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