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Polyester Silicone Release Liners

Polyester Silicone Release Liners

Fox River Associates offers film release liners with polyester in a variety of substrate thicknesses and release coatings to serve the many markets and end-use applications that benefit from polyester’s high tensile strength and clarity.  Polyester (PET) is a commonly used substrate in release liners because it is resistant to high temperatures and makes an extremely tough release liner. One key feature of polyester is that it has one of the highest heat resistant ratings of all film-based release substrates.

Polyester release liners from Fox River Associates can be release coated on one side or on two sides with equal or differential coatings.  This wide range of product offering ensures that Fox River Associates can serve the many unique applications for polyester film release liners.

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Release liners are highly technical products.  The Fox River Associates team is highly qualified and experienced to help recommend the appropriate release liner for your application.

Polyester film release liners from Fox River Associates deliver unique performance benefits in for applications in these markets:

  • Building & Construction
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Tape
  • Specialty Converting

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