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High Performance Film Release Liners 

Construction MarketFox River Associates serves the building and construction market with a full line of siliconized film release liners. We partner with our customer to understand their needs and application environments to deliver the right product for the right application every time.

Release liners are used in many building andconstruction applications including roofing underlayment, ice and water shield, anti-skid surface films, insulation materials, pipe wrap tape, seam/flashing tape, waterproofing products, and window films.

Filmic release liners from Fox River Associates provide excellent UV barriers, puncture resistance, oil barrier properties, and tear-resistant for the critical ASTM requirements in building and construction applications. Film release liners provide the strength and resistance required to meet the demanding needs of waterproofing solutions and other building and construction products. Our siliconized film release liners offer excellent release from butyl, bitumen and asphaltic adhesives at elevated temperatures on the roof.

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A Full Product Offering

Fox River Associates works closely with our clients to engineer the best performing filmic release liners for the intended conditions. We deliver the highest quality filmic release liners with consistent release properties, even throughout the demanding and varying temperature ranges that building and construction applications require.


Our film release liner spectrum for building and construction applications includes:


  • Single (S1S) and Double Sided (S2S) Film Release Liners
    • Specialty Co-Extruded Film Release Liners
    • Polypropylene (PP) Film Release Liners
    • Polyester (PET) Film Release Liners
    • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Film Release Liners
    • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Film Release Liners
  • Surface, Anti-skid and Facing Films
  • Equal and Differential S2S Release Coatings
  • Variety of Colors


Fox River Associates Delivers - Fast!

Once the appropriate release liner is specified, Fox River Associates’ service program is designed to carry the appropriate inventory to ensure we deliver your product in the quickest time frame possible. This commitment to stocking inventory allows us to help all our customers/partners to optimize the level of service to their customers and grow their business. With Fox River Associates, you are not restricted by large minimum order quantities or long lead times. Our service includes providing release liner in rolls that match the width and length needed.

The combination of product knowledge, a complete line of siliconized film release liners and paper release liners, and inventory to serve you quickly ensures Fox River Associates is the ideal partner for the building and construction market.

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