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Paper Release Liners

The release liner industry has played an extremely successful and integral part in the entire manufacturing industry. The release liner industry is in fact so successful that there are more than 500 companies worldwide manufacturing paper release liners and film release liners. Some manufacturing companies have such a great use for release liners that they’ve started manufacturing them in-house to streamline their processes.

Release liners are manufactured in a wide variety of styles, each generally suited for a specific application. The main sub styles of any release liner stems from either paper release liners or film release liners.

Paper release liners are generally used for your average label, especially in the US whereas the paper release liners used in Europe are manufactured slightly different. Additionally film release liners are made from plastics for release liner applications that need to be more durable however both contain a release agent for pressure sensitive adhesives.

Paper Release Liners Paper Release Liners Paper Release Liners Paper Release Liners

Paper release liners are available in a few different materials:

  • MFK – Machine Finished Kraft, a paper that you’d normally expect from a paper machine
  • CCK – Clay Coated Kraft paper, which as the name implies, utilizes a clay coating
  • MG – Machine Glazed
  • SCK – Super Calandered Kraft, the most commonly used material for labels
  • Glassine – The same material as SCK with a polyvinyl alcohol top coating most popular in Europe

For both paper release liners and film release liners, there is not a manufacturing method for a one size fits all release liner products. Customization for paper release liners and film release liners are common as the applications are near endless. Many applications requiring paper release liners vary in the amount of adhesives used. It’s important to consider and narrow down the peel force and release profile required for each application a paper release liner will be used in each Pressure Sensitive (P.S.) application.

Read more about the difference and applications between paper release liners and film release liners here.

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