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Paper Release Liners – Poly Coated Kraft Delivers!

Poly Coated Kraft (PCK) paper release liners offer excellent layflat, consistent moisture levels, dimensional stability, and surface characteristics that can improve adhesive coating and laminating operations. Fox River Associates delivers high quality PCK release liners with best-in-class service.

Paper Release LinersMany paper liners have inconsistent moisture levels that can cause tunneling, curling or cockling leading to manufacturing and converting issues. The consistent moisture level in PCK paper release liners from Fox River Associates help maintain the layflat of the laminate. This helps our customers deliver the best product possible.

Poly coated kraft release liners from Fox River Associates deliver an excellent layflat profile. Graphic applications, sheeted products and other specialty technical products require improved layflat qualities for coating, printing, converting and processing.

Poly coated paper release liners also offer an excellent surface to die cut or kiss cut against. The poly layer enhances the stiffness of these liners and can be easily folded to make wing tabs or scored for partical removal.

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Fox River Associates offers a wide breadth of PCK paper release liners in bleached or natural in color, with a variety of finishes to meet your need – gloss/gloss, gloss/matte, or matte/matte. The release liner surface characteristics can affect the look, uniformity and feedability on printing and processing equipment. Fox River Associates offers a variety of silicone coatings on one or both sides for equal of differential release levels.

Poly coated kraft liners offer unique benefits for many of the market applications that Fox River Associates supports:

  • Industrial Release Liners
    • gaskets, seals, sanding disc, packaging, and foam parts
  • Medical Market Release Liners
    • wound care dressings, tapes, warming blankets wearables devices, therapy pads, transdermal drug delivery and electrodes
  • Tape Release Liners
    • single sided, self wound, supported and unsupported PSA tapes
  • Automotive Release Liners
    • vibration dampening, head liners, rubber gaskets, and foam parts
  • Building/Construction Release Liner
    • Tapes for sealing pipe and concrete joints
  • Composite Release Liners
    • Resin film transfer applications
  • Graphic Arts Release Liners
    • signage, lettering, foam board, floor graphics, window graphics, vehicle graphics and pin stripping
  • Label
    • decals, bumper stickers, nameplates, and shelf talkers

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Release Liners Designed for Your Needs

At Fox River Associates we focus on customer satisfaction. We are committed to carrying inventory of release liner products that allows us to deliver liners in a timely fashion and help our customers grow. With Fox River Associates you won’t be restricted by large minimum order quantities. Our strong collaboration with our partners ensures we’re working together to serve the needs of our customers for product quality, product availability, and delivery. Our goal is to be your preferred supplier for release liners.

For more information on release liners for your application, email us at or call us today at 1-800-647-6579. We’re ready to work with you.

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