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One Sided Paper Release Liner
One Sided Paper Release Liners


Two Sided Paper Release Liner
Two Sided Paper Release Liners

Fox River Assiciates is a paper release liner company the serves a multitude of industries and markets including:

  • Medical Instrumentation or Diagnostic Tools
  • Marketing Materials
  • Interior Design Elements
  • Tape
  • Adhesive Bandages
  • Information Badges
  • Childrens Stickers
  • Indoor / Outdoor Notices
  • Warning Labels
  • and more

Fox River Associates engineers paper release liners for self adhesive products. Our paper release liners are available in single sided or double sided as well as available with polymer layers. The release liners from Fox River Associates are durable and flexible because of the silicone outer layers but unlike film release liners, paper liners are susceptible to creasing with enough pressure.

Our paper release liners are engineered for mostly indoor applications and are not rated for any high heat resistance. The most common paper core release liners people are familiar with are on the back of stickers and name tag labels. The thin membrane that is pealed off before application is the release liner. The paper release liner keeps the product's self adhesive fresh and ready for application until the release liner is removed.

Although, some paper release liner products will eventually be applied outdoors, products using a paper core liner should be stored indoors and at room temperature until application. The silicone layers on paper release liners can be water resistant but it's still paper and can be compromised if soaked. It's recommended that weather and harsh elements like cold or extreme heat should be avoided when storing paper release liners.

Our paper release liners can be cut to fit nearly any self adhesive product. We also offer a variety of colors to have a more custom look to your product. When a specific product or adhesive calls for it, release liners come in varied thicknesses as well to better accomodate the product or the self adhesive being used. If you have exact specifications developed already, we can engineer your release liner with you for a perfect fit and performance.

For more information regarding these or any other release liner substrate from Fox River Associates, please don't hesitate to email us or give us a call at (800)647-6579.

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