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Ordering Release Liners for the First Time

Release liners are a critical component in the performance of any laminate construction using pressure-sensitive adhesives, self-adhesive constructions, and tacky chemical compounds. A high quality release liner is essential to ensuring the proper and effective performance of your product, and the right release liner for your application can help minimize your operational costs.

With a variety of film and paper substrates available for film release liners and paper release liners and a highly technical operation for specifying the appropriate release performance for the release coating, the process of identifying the right product can be overwhelming.

What’s important to know and expect in ordering a release liner for the first time?

These helpful topics will enable you to have an educational, professional experience when ordering a paper release liner or film release liner for the first time.

Work with an Experienced Supplier

With so many variations of paper release liner products and film release liner products available, the steps to deciding which would be the best for your product can be overwhelming. It is critical to work with a supplier that has the knowledge and experience to ensure they’re able to understand your needs and provide quality options for your consideration.

Fox River Associates has been supplying the highest quality paper release liners and film release liners available in the market for over 30 years. The team is knowledgeable in release liner substrates, release coatings, compatibility with adhesives and tacky chemical compounds, and the laminating, coating, and converting processes common for release liners.

Release liners from Fox River Associates are used in every major release liner industry including:

  • Automotive Release Liners: release liners for vehicle production tapes, EV battery production, aftermarket accessories and replacement parts.
  • Building & Construction Release Liners: release liners for technical performance in waterproofing, insulation, weather barriers and more.
  • Composite Release Liners: release liners for prepreg manufacturing operations, composite panel production and resin filming processes.
  • Industrial Release Liners: release liners for specialty adhesive compatibility from electronics to production liners for foam packaging and gaskets.
  • Label/Graphic Release Liners: release liners are a dependable carrier of adhesive and facestock during printing, diecutting, converting and the final application process.
  • Medical Release Liners: release liners for wound care, ostomy-continence devices, electrodes, medical tapes, surgical drapes, TDDS and emerging biomedical and iontophoresis devices.
  • Tape Release Liner: release liners for tape applications for fastening, bonding, mounting, and sealing mechanisms.

The Fox River Associates team is experienced in all aspects of release liner use. We’re ready to help you get started. Call 1-800-647-6579 or message us at

Consultation on Application and Needs for The Release Liner

Taking the time to ask the right questions and understand the exact specifications, processing conditions, end-use applications is critical for specifying the best options for paper release liner and film release liner in any market. Often storage and packaging requirements are forgotten in the initial stages of specifying the best release liner.

The true advantage of working with Fox River Associates is our partnership approach. We work together with our partners and take the time to learn about our customers’ exacting specifications, processing conditions and end-use applications.

We listen for what a customer knows about the application, and then ask additional questions to learn more about the smaller intricacies of each unique project. Using that information, we then apply our experience in coating and manufacturing environments, adhesives and coatings, release parameters and end-use application conditions to recommend the best liner to begin the evaluation process. It is our role to understand the demanding requirements for release liners and work to recommend the right product for each customer’s specific needs.

Ready to discuss your current or developing uses for release liners? The Fox River Associates team is ready to listen. Call us today at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page. We’re ready to work with you.

Trials & Scale Up

With the introduction of any component in the manufacturing of pressure-sensitive or self-adhesive laminate, such as a paper release liner or film release liner, it is critical that the manufacturer evaluate the recommended release liners in the varying conditions of their process. This helps to ensure that the liner selected for the application performs in all the required conditions.

With a vast selection of the highest quality release liners available, Fox River Associates will recommend release liner options and provide sample sheets and Technical Data Sheets. We work with our partners to supply small sample rolls and the proper scale-up quantity for product trials and qualifications.

Once the appropriate release liner product is identified, the Fox River Associates team works to manage expectations and supply chain efficiencies to build scale-up inventory.  Contact us today to learn more about our process and how we can help you grow your business.

Partnership with Fox River Associates Service Program

After working with customers to identify the right release liner for their application, Fox River Associates’ service program is designed to carry the appropriate inventory to ensure we deliver the needed product in the quickest industry time frame. Our service includes providing release liner in rolls that match the required width and length – the ‘right size’ to match customer needs. At Fox River Associates, customers are not restricted by large minimum order quantities.

Our nationwide network of service centers and warehouse facilities with locations near customers ensure we can provide quality service quickly. We understand that well-managed inventory is a key contributor to our customers’ business success.

Ready to learn more about how Fox River Associates can help you grow your business? Contact us today at 1-800-647-6579 or message us at Our experienced team is ready to work with you.

Ordering Release Liners for the First Time

Ordering Release Liners for the First Time

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