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Medical Market Applications for Release Liners

As the healthcare industry and medical market in general introduces new and groundbreaking technologies for healthcare and injury care, the release liners for self-adhesive medical applications must be updated as well. Fox River Associates works with medical market product developing companies to engineer the most effective and reliable release liners possible for their medical market products.

Release Liner Specifications in the Medical Market

To perform well in a broad spectrum of applications, the medical market prefers release liners that are by nature, hypo-allergenic, flexible, durable, reliable, and easy-to-use. Fox River Associates takes into consideration the environment where the medical market products may be stored. We also consider the conditions the release liners may encounter such as moisture, cold, weight or pressure, bending, stretching, and more. Our release liner engineers can apply our proven process to these conditions to assure a well-performing release liner.

Examples of Medical Market Release Liner Applications:

Medical Market Applications for Release LinersOstomy Release Liner Applications
Ostomy manufacturers generally use a low density PE (LDPE) siliconized release liner allowing a flexible, formable web in the manufacturing of ostomy patches.

TDDS Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems
TTDS require a consistent surface to caste the drug material and/or have the filmic release liner applied after the material is caste to the "face material".

Process Release Liners for the Medical Market
Fox River Associates provides filmic release liners both HDPE and PET. These release liners enable medical adhesives and hydrogels to be laminated then removed and transferred to the final product configuration.

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