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Medical Grade Release Liners

In healthcare and medical advancements, the uses of pressure-sensitive film and paper release liners has only become more prevalent, finding their way into an array of applications, from traditional bandages to state-of-the-art transdermal patches and the latest in wearable medical technologies.

Related to medical products especially, precision and reliability are paramount as these products are often used in applications directly related to health matters. Because of this, release liners not only need to provide a barrier against external elements of all kinds but also offer robustness to withstand the rigors of medical applications. Moreover, they must maintain stringent standards of cleanliness to ensure patient safety, however applicable.

Enter us at Fox River Associates, a trusted name in the release liner supplier industry. Our extensive inventory of release liners, combined with our team’s meticulous attention to detail, is a combination bound to exceed the high requirements of healthcare and medical applications. Whether it's a delicate transdermal patch or a durable wearable medical device, Fox River Associates' release liners offer a seamless blend of protection, strength, cleanliness, and security.

No matter what application you need medical grade release liners for, our team is ready to find the appropriate custom release liner solution.  Call 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page for more information about our medical release liner product offerings. 

Wearable Medical Device Release Liners

The increasingly expanding market of newly developed wearable medical devices and transdermal patches is currently experiencing remarkable growth. Fox River Associates stands ready to assist with the specific needs of your pressure-sensitive medical devices, whether they require silicone, hydrogel, acrylic, or a combination thereof for adhesives. Our comprehensive range of film release liners, featuring silicone and fluorosilicone release coatings, is tailored specifically for the medical sector. These medical grade release liners can be coated on one or both sides with options for equal or differential release, ensuring the desired performance for your product.

In the realm of medical device contributions, Fox River Associates' release liners find numerous applications. Our release liners have been used in multi-layer processing scenarios and provide impeccable protection for electronic wiring and skin penetration points within the devices. With attributes such as robust strength, precise thickness, puncture resistance, exceptional die-cuttability, and impeccable cleanliness, our release liners are the epitome of reliability in this critical industry.

Contact Fox River Associates today at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page and see how we can serve your wearable medical device release liner needs.

Transdermal patches infused with medicinal compounds find widespread application in addressing motion sickness, delivering nitroglycerin to cardiac patients, and providing consumers with nicotine replacements. Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS) technology is rapidly broadening to encompass an array of distinctive medications, ranging from medical THC (cannabinoids) and Ritalin to treatments for Parkinson's disease and an array of other emerging therapeutic breakthroughs. These patches, capable of penetrating the skin, offer advantages in drug delivery compared to alternative methods like edibles, creams, and vaporizers. In meeting the evolving demands of medical innovations like these, our film release liners here at Fox River Associates emerge as the ideal choice for all medicated patches, including those in the medical cannabis industry.

For the medical market in particular, Fox River Associates provides specialized silicone and fluorosilicone release coatings tailored for the needed performance with gentle skin-contact adhesives, hydrogels, urethanes, silicone adhesives, hydrocolloids, drug-loaded adhesives, and various other applications. Our medical grade release liners can be equipped with release coatings on one or both sides, featuring options for equal or differential release, all geared towards ensuring the desired performance of your product.

Medical Grade Release Liners with Fox River Associates

Fox River Associates offers a full range of medical grade release liner inventory for the medical and healthcare markets including PET film release liners, PP, HDPE, LDPE film release liners, glassine and SCK paper release liners, PCK paper release liners. These substrates are available in 1 and 2 side coated options.

Other non-coated options or custom release liner products can be designed by Fox River Associates upon request.

To learn more about how Fox River Associates can be your medical release liner supplier for medical devices and medical cannabis patches, contact Fox River Associates at 1-800-647-6579 or fill out our contact form on this page. Our team is ready to help as soon as we hear from you!

Your Go To Release Liner Supplier

Dedicated to meeting the diverse demands of today's dynamic medical market, Fox River Associates aims to provide release liners that excel in numerous applications. We maintain an extensive inventory of different types of stock rolls, ready to be custom slit to your specified width and length requirements. Our dedication extends to the ongoing expansion of our product range, in sync with the evolving markets and industries we serve.

For more information on release liners for medical applications, contact Fox River Associates at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page. Our team is looking forward to working with you!

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