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Film Release Liners

Release liners release function acts on the basis of adhesive properties along with low surface energy to get the best liner release possible. When release liners are not configured correctly, unwanted detachment from the release liner and the adhesive can be exposed and potentially dry out or adhere to an unintended item. You can also have tough separation, meaning it’s hard to pull the release liner off the self-adhesive product for application. It is our job to make sure that the release liner separates from the adhesive to meet customer and market applications.

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Quality Engineered Release Liners

Our release liners release function works perfectly in some extreme conditions so we know they will work well in ideal circumstances as well. Using siliconized release liners along with poly layers on our release liners helps reduce the friction and get a better performing release liner. The calibration between the thickness of the adhesive on the release profile determines the energy required that our release liners need to dissipate.

Release Liners Release Function Perfected

Fox River Associates has years of experience engineering and producing perfectly performing release liners for dozens of industries. Our customers rely on us for release liners in batches of 10 to 10,000 and our release liners perform well on every single application.

We have done the research and are familiar with nearly every major release liner release formulary to ensure quality performance. So if you want better results at a better price for release liners, contact Fox River Associates today.

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