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Release Liners for the Label Market

Fox River Associates offers release liners for the specialty label and graphics markets.  Our product offering includes siliconized paper release liners and siliconized film release liners for the variety of needs in this growing market sector.

Whether you need prime labels for high speed labeling applications, specialty materials for closures and packaging labels, or rigid materials for retail shelf talkers, Fox River Associates is your partner for self adhesive release liner products. Fox River Associates also offers specialty release liners for the graphic arts market.

Learn more about our film release liners and paper release liners today. Call us at 1-800-647-6579 or message us at Our experienced team is ready to collaborate with you.

Serving Specialty Label and Graphics Applications

Release liners are an integral part of a pressure sensitive or self adhesive label construction. The release liner serves as a dependable carrier of the adhesive and face material during printing, converting and application. The liner also serves as a durable surface during die-cutting of intricate shapes. The reliable performance of the release liner is essential to ensure the die does not break through the silicone layer of the release liner and disrupt the release performance during high speed label application.

The wide breadth of self adhesive release liners from Fox River Associates ensures that you can find the right release liner for your adhesive.  Our products are compatible with a variety of adhesives including acrylic, hot melt, rubber and removable adhesive.  For label applications, Fox River Associates release liners are found in prime label applications, closures and retail shelf talkers.  For graphics applications, Fox River Associates release liners are found in foam mounting applications and large format graphics printing.

The Fox River Associates team has the knowledge and expertise to understand your application requirements and recommend the most appropriate liner to serve your label and graphic arts processing needs.  Contact our team today! Use the form on this page, or message us at We’re ready to work with you.

Paper and Film Release Liners to Meet Your Needs

Fox River Associates offers a full line of paper release linersand film release liners compatible with your label and graphics product needs. Whether you’re using acrylic adhesives, hot melt adhesives, removable adhesives, or rubber adhesives, our broad line of film release liners and paper release liners will give you options to work for your application.

Our product and service spectrum includes:

Film Substrates

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyester (PET)

Paper Substrates

  • Glassine
  • Super Calendared Kraft (SCK)
  • Poly Coated Kraft (PCK)
  • Clay Coated Kraft (CCK)


  • Solvent, Solventless
  • S1S, S2S (Equal and Differential)


  • Colors
  • Natural and Bleached Papers
  • Printing – Backprinting; Under silicone printing

All Fox River Associates release liners are backed by our amazing service programs. We offer small minimum order quantities to serve you better. Our regional US stocking locations means we can deliver your material when and how you want it.

For more information about label and graphic arts release liners, use the form on this page or contact Fox River Associates today at 1-800-647-6579 We’re ready to work with you.

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