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How Release
Liners Work

Liners Have Many Functions

Generally, release liners serve one of two functions: they are a carrier or they are a protector. Release liners often carry a substrate through a processing or manufacturing environment and then must cleanly release the substrate when the process requires. For example, release liners are used in pressure sensitive tapes. The sticky adhesive is coated onto the release liner, wound into a tape roll and then the adhesive is removed from the liner when ready to be used.

In many industrial market applications, a release liner will help protect the substrate during transport or processing. In a composites prepreg application, the liner will help protect the prepreg during processing before its next step in the production process. In medical applications, the liner is used to keep the adhesive clean before it is applied to the patient’s skin.

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Fox River Associates offers a full line of film and paper release liners to serve the unique needs of the markets we serve.

Whether serving as a carrier or a protector, release liners are often exposed to many harsh environmental and processing conditions. Liners are often exposed to high and low temperatures and harsh chemicals. The substrate may be removed from the liner by hand or by high speed machinery. And, in many instances, the substrate on the liner is diecut against the liner.

Release liners from Fox River Associates are available in a wide variety of films and papers, with the appropriate release coatings to ensure compatibility with your specific release characteristic needs.

Film release liners offer good durability and exposure to environmental elements. Our product offering includes a variety of film substrates and thicknesses delivering a range of performance in strength, flexibility and appearance to meet the specific requirements of the application.

Paper release liners provide temperature resistance, stiffness and high resistance to many solvent-based coatings. These liners can be designed with low or high internal moisture to deliver improved dimensional stability. Paper based liners with a PE extrusion can deliver improved layflat and dimensional stability properties, while providing a smooth release surface for coatings and adhesives.

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