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How Fox River Associates Positions It’s Partners for Success

Fox River Associates provides an extensive range of paper and film release liner inventory, catering to clients in the medical, healthcare, industrial, tape, composites, and various other industries of all types. Our customers reap the rewards of our expansive product catalog, Inventory Stocking Program, and nationwide service and coverage. When partnering with Fox River Associates, you can maintain adaptability while expanding new ventures and introducing product applications.

Contact Fox River Associates today at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page to learn how our inventory management, nationwide service and coverage and wide product offering can support your business. Backed by service programs to meet your needs, our team is on standby and ready to help.

How Fox River Associates is Ready to Meet Your Needs

Expansive Product Inventory: Fox River Associates provides a diverse range of release liners ready to be tailored to meet the specific application requirements of the markets we serve. Our extensive portfolio of film and paper release liners finds application across a spectrum of industries including industrial, tape, medical, composite, label and graphic arts, as well as building and construction. Within our filmic release liner offerings, we offer a comprehensive selection including PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, BOPP, Silicone Coated and Non-Silicone Coated Embossed Film, and Specialty Coextruded films. Additionally, our paper release liner range encompasses Glassine, SCK, PCK, CCK, and Specialty Paper substrates.

Fox River Associates' release liners can be equipped with silicone coatings on one side, two sides, two sides with differential release coatings, and certain substrates are available with specialty coatings or without any coatings at all. This versatility ensures that our release liners can be tailored to precisely match the demands of your unique applications.

Unmatched Release Liner Fulfillment: Our proactive approach guarantees swift delivery of the required products. By upholding our pledge to stock inventory, we empower the growth of our customers and partners. With us at Fox River Associates, clients are unburdened by hefty minimum order quantities or protracted lead times. Our service encompasses the supply of release liners in rolls tailored to the precise width and length specifications – ensuring the appropriate fit for your requirements.

Service and Coverage Across the US: At Fox River Associates, we operate service centers and warehouses throughout the country, conveniently situated near high traffic locations for swift assistance. Recognizing that efficient inventory management is integral to your business prosperity and profit generation, we ensure streamlined operations. Our strategically positioned service and warehouse hubs across the US guarantee prompt and efficient delivery of release liners to your facility.

Call us at Fox River Associates today at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page to learn how our inventory management and nationwide service centers can facilitate growth in your business.  We’re ready to work with you the moment we hear from you.

Proficient Team with Comprehensive Product Range = The Fox River Associates Advantage

At Fox River Associates, our team acknowledges the unique demands and processing environments associated with each release liner application. We possess a deep comprehension of many of the requirements and specifications within the core markets we serve. Leveraging our extensive expertise and vast experience, we swiftly identify the optimal release coatings and substrates to deliver a tailored release liner solution that aligns perfectly with your distinct needs.

We provide an extensive range of film release liners, encompassing PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, as well as silicone coated and non-silicone coated embossed films, along with specialty coextruded films. Additionally, our paper release liner selection features glassine, SCK, PCK, CCK, and specialized paper substrates.

For more information on release liners for your market, contact Fox River Associates today or call us today at 1-800-647-6579.  We’re ready to work with you as soon as we hear from you!

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