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Fox River Associates Offers Unparalleled Services

Fox River Associates is committed to carrying inventory of the highest quality film release liners and paper release liners to serve your needs.  We are committed to delivering the product to you how and when you want it – with unique services that you won’t find from other suppliers.

What You Need, When You Need It

Unlike other suppliers that restrict you to large minimum order quantities and make you wait for production and delivery, the core to our service philosophy at Fox River Associates is to carry inventory of the release liner products needed to serve our customers.  Through our extensive warehouse partners around the US, our team is dedicated to deliver your products in a timely fashion – helping you grow your business! 

To learn more about our unique ability to serve your needs with managed inventory practices, contact Fox River Associates today. 

Custom Slitting, Sheeting and Spooling – Part of our Everyday Offering

The advantage of working with Fox River Associates is not only the highest quality products we offer, but that we deliver the products ‘as you want them’ to maximize efficiency in your operation.  We offer narrow width slitting, spooling and sheeting services to ensure you’re receiving product that is ready to run in your operation.  These slitting, sheeting and spooling services are managed with precision and carry the same commitment to high quality as our products themselves.  

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Here to Serve You

Working with you, we take the time to understand your needs, and then apply our technical experience to offer the right release liner products to serve your needs.  Our product offering includes siliconized film release liner, non-silicone coated film release liner, siliconized paper release liner, embossed films (clear or color), and specialty moisture stable papers.  We have a strong understanding of the core markets we serve:  tape, industrial, medical, composites, construction and label.

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