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Flat Film Release Liners Available Now

In addition to our paper release liners and embossed film release liners, Fox River Associates offers thin gauge, flat film release liners with built-in improved release properties. The improved release properties of the flat film are formulated into the film. It does not require a separate release coating that may be susceptible to transfer to your material. These films are often laminated to the resin at the back end of the filming process. These flat film release liners are removed during the prepreg process and help eliminate resin pick off issues. This helps ensure that all the resin transfers from the release paper to the fiber material helping prepregers achieve the tighter resin/fiber tolerances required for many aerospace applications. Using the optimum liner combination will help you to you deliver tighter tolerance material no matter the end use (aerospace, recreational, industrial, etc.). Paper and film liners from Fox River Associates help ensure that your prepreg process helps deliver the highest quality product to your customers.

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Fox River Associates Knows Composites

Whether you are working with prepreg manufacturing, composite panel production, resin film processing, or another technical composite application that utilizes a release liner, Fox River Associates is prepared to work with you. Because of the extreme conditions release liners are exposed to during processing and storage, release liners for composite applications must be engineered with specific performance characteristics including improved layflat properties and dimensional stability. Fox River Associates understands the unique characteristics of these demanding applications and is ready to serve your release liner needs.

For more information on Fox River Associates’ full line of siliconized release liners for the composite market, click here, or contact our team at (800) 647-6579 or

Flat Film Release Liners Critical Factor - Dimensional Stability

Sourcing a composite release liner with excellent dimensional stability can make a difference in the quality of the prepreg material when it arrives at your customer. Fox River Associates understands this and supplies paper release liners with this important feature in mind. A paper release liner that has improved layflat properties and minimizes expansion or shrinkage with changing environmental conditions will help ensure that your prepreg arrives at the customer in the best condition possible.

Fox River Associates – Experienced in Composite Release Liners!

Release liners from Fox River Associates are produced under tightly controlled process conditions. The silicone coating systems are designed with prepreg applications in mind. The silicone coatings are thermally cured and run using optimized process conditions to achieve the best cross linking/cure possible. Sophisticated remoisturization equipment is utilized to replace much of the internal moisture in the base paper that can be lost during the silicone curing process.
Fox River Associates has the ability to supply siliconized paper release liners that have been targeted to a specific moisture range for optimum performance in your prepreg operation. The result is a composite release liner that helps your product appear and perform its best when it arrives at your customer.

Protection from Environment = Improved Performance

Maintaining the proper moisture range in the advanced composite release liner is important to the performance of the product and of the final composites. If moisture is given up or lost after the liner production process, the layflat and dimensional stability properties of the liner can be negatively affected. These changes can lead to a final prepreg material that does not lay flat or can result in gaps appearing the unidirectional prepreg after production.
Fox River Associates recommends keeping paper release liners wrapped in the original, moisture protective packaging until ready to use. This can help minimize the amount of moisture variation in the composite release liner stored at your location. If the entire roll is not consumed in a single run, storing the unused siliconized paper release liner in a controlled environment (humidity and temperature) will help preserve the stability of the liner.

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The Fox River Associates Advantage: Partnering for your Success

At Fox River Associates, the real advantage of working with us is our deep understanding of your processes and end application requirements. When combined with the highest quality release liner products and unparalleled service, it is a winning combination for you and your customers. We work in partnership with our customers to engineer the best performing release liner for advanced composite applications. We take the time to learn about your exacting specifications, processing conditions and end-use application. It is our role to understand your demanding requirements for release liners and recommend the best product for your application.

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