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Filmic Liner

Fox River Associates offers a vast selection of filmic liners and paper release liners to serve the many unique application needs for the many markets we service.  Whether you need a siliconized film release liner for a medical application or a paper release liner for a tape construction, our team can help you design and engineer the right liner for maximum performance in your process and application.

Release Liners – Available when you need them

Because we focus on customer satisfaction, we are committed to carrying inventory of release liner products that allows us to deliver in a timely fashion and help our customers grow.  With Fox River Associates you won’t be restricted by large minimum order quantities.  Our strong partnerships with our material and service partners ensures we’re working together to serve the needs of customers for product quality, product availability, and delivery.  Our goal is to be your preferred supplier for filmic liners and paper release liners.

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Full Product Offering – Substrates and Coatings

Our full breadth of products – filmic release liners and paper release liners, coupled with the highest quality silicone coatings – delivers you the widest choice of products for your application.  Our products are available in one- or two-side release coatings, equal and differential, to suit your processing requirements.

  • Single (S1S) and Double Sided (S2S) Film Release Liners – PP, PET, HDPE, LDPE
  • Single (S1S) and Double Sided (S2S) Paper Release Liners – Glassine, SCK, PCK, CCK, MGK
  • Single (S1S) and Double Sided (S2S) Specialty Co-Extruded Film Release Liners
  • Diamond and Specially Embossed Films w/wo Silicone Coatings
  • Surface, Anti-skid and Facing Films

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The Fox River Associates Advantage: Partnering for your Success

At Fox River Associates, the real advantage of working with us is our deep understanding of your processing and end application requirements, matched with the highest quality release liner products, delivered with unparalleled service.   We take the time to learn about your exacting specifications, processing conditions and end-use application.  Our expertise spans many market specialties, including:

  • Medical Release Liners
  • Composite Release Liners
  • Building/Construction Release Liners
  • Industrial/Technical Release Liners
  • Tape Release Liners
  • Label Release Liners
  • Automotive Release Liners
  • Graphic Arts Release Liners
  • Electronics Release Liners

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