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Film Release Liner Configurations

When it comes to silicone coated film release liners, Fox River Associates offers two primary configurations that serve many industry applications – one side coated and two side coated. No matter what your end product or application, Fox River Associates has the correctly engineered filmic release liner to meet the technical requirements that you require, providing optimal performance with your self-adhesive product.

One Sided & Two Sided Release Liner Configurations

Release liners from Fox River Associates are available in constructions with one and two sided release coatings. The one sided release liner, commonly referred as S1S, consists of a release coating on one side of the release liner construction. The two sided release liner, S2S, will have a release coating on both sides of the liner substrate. These two release coatings can be the same release coating or can be different coatings that provide a differential release.

Release coatings are formulated to deliver precise release performance when placed in contact with various adhesive or chemical types. Many release coatings are silicone based. Specialty release coatings, including fluorosilicone release coatings are also available for unique applications.

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Release Coatings Variety

Release Coatings come in many chemical compositions – each designed for specific product performance from the release liner. There are 3 critical elements when determining the right release coating for your release liner:

  1. Understanding the needed release force for the intended application
  2. Ensuring the release force will be stable under the environment (temperature and humidity)
  3. The release coating must be properly anchored to the backing to avoid transferring to the adhesive or other coating

Release systems can be customized to accommodate processing performance needs for:

  • High/low speed release
  • Specialized adhesion properties
  • Differing cure rate
  • Resistance to high/low temperatures
  • Resistance to humidity
  • Printable release surfaces
  • Tight/medium/easy release

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Quality Film Release Liners

The top-quality release liners supplied by Fox River Associates are intended to be used in many different applications, products, and industries. Our products are a combination of the optimum film substrate and release coating to deliver the best results for your product needs. Many of these products are available in our inventory and can be delivered in a time frame that enables you to exceed your customer’s expectations.

Our film release liner product offering includes a variety of film substrates and calipers delivering a range of performance in strength, flexibility, and appearance to meet the specific requirements of the application.

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Durable and Strong Film Release Liners

Fox River Associates offers a full range of film substrates for our filmic release liners, including LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET and Specialty Coextruded films. Polyester silicone release liners are a mainstay in the industry, and the full variety of film based release liner offering ensures that the base substrate films will meet the strength, finish, cosmetic and durability requirements for your final product.

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