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Film Release Liners with Silicone coating

In various manufacturing applications, film release liners with silicone coatings play an important role. Whether involved in creating pressure-sensitive signs, electronic components, industrial tapes, or medical devices for skin contact, Fox River Associates offers the ideal silicone film release liner tailored to your application requirements.

Within our range of products, we provide release liners meticulously crafted to fulfill demanding indoor and outdoor specifications. These liners boast an array of advanced attributes, such as puncture resistance, tear resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance.

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Applications in the Silicone Coated Film Release Liner Markets

Film release liners are known for their robust durability, especially when facing different environmental factors. At Fox River Associates, our selection of film liners comes in a diverse array of film substrates and thicknesses, ensuring a broad spectrum of performance characteristics like strength, flexibility, and visual appeal. This extensive variety is our key to tailoring solutions that align with the unique demands of your applications.

Our product and service offering includes:

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyester (PET)
  • Specialty Coextruded Films

Selecting the appropriate film substrate for your release liner involves considering a range of factors. These include the intended application, desired release characteristics, environmental conditions of exposure, and the nature of adhesives or chemicals the liner will encounter. Our collection of film release liners encompasses both transparent options and a variety of colors.

Fox River Associates offers a diverse array of release liners, featuring a selection of solvent, solventless, and fluoro silicone coatings. These liners are available in various configurations, including single-sided (S1S) and double-sided (S2S) coatings. Moreover, our range encompasses liners with equal or differential coatings. Additionally, we provide specialty liners that boast non-stick properties, even without silicone coatings, to cater to unique requirements.

Our seasoned team is eager to gain insights into your unique opportunity and application. Collaborating with you, the Fox River Associates team can assist in pinpointing the appropriate release liners for your operational needs. Message us at Fox River Associates now by utilizing the form on this page or call us directly  at 1-800-647-6579.

Catering to a Wide Range of Market Applications

Fox River Associates' film release liners find applications across a broad spectrum of uses. Whether your requirements encompass medical tapes, gasket tapes, window protection films, or EV battery production liners, our team is equipped with the proficiency and insight to guide you towards the most suitable release liner. Rest assured, we stand prepared to cater to your requirements.


Release liners play a role in the automotive sector, spanning various applications such as vehicle production tapes, EV battery production, aftermarket accessories, and replacement parts. We provide solutions that meet the unique demands of this industry, ensuring efficiency and quality across the board.

Building & Construction:

In the building and construction realm, our release liners demonstrate their prowess in technical performance. They serve roles in waterproofing systems, insulation materials, weather barriers, and other construction applications. These liners contribute to enhancing the durability and efficiency of construction processes.


Composites manufacturing relies on precision, and our release liners are needed for this process. Whether it's in prepreg manufacturing, composite panel production, or resin filming operations, our liners ensure seamless workflows and impeccable product outcomes, contributing to the advancement of composite technologies.


Heavy industries often have unique adhesive requirements, and our release liners are tailored to meet those specific needs. From electronics applications requiring specialized adhesive compatibility to foam packaging production liners and gasket manufacturing, our liners enable precise processes in diverse industrial settings.


The medical field demands uncompromising precision and safety. Our medical release liners excel in applications such as wound care, biomedical devices, transdermal drug delivery (TDDS), medical and surgical tapes and drapes, ostomy/continence products, and iontophoresis devices.


Pressure-sensitive tapes find application in a myriad of bonding, mounting, and sealing mechanisms. Our release liners are a useful component of these tape applications, ensuring that the adhesion and functionality of tapes are optimized for various contexts, from industrial applications to everyday uses.

Fox River Associates' release liners are designed to excel in these diverse industry segments, showcasing adaptability and precision in each application. Our commitment to providing top-tier solutions ensures that your operations in these sectors benefit from enhanced efficiency, quality, and innovation.

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