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Siliconized Film Release Liners


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Siliconized Film Release Liners

Film release liners are available for a multitude of markets and industries all over the world. Our friendly, helpful customer service staff can help coordinate your film release liner orders on a regular basis and can schedule future orders to keep your self adhesive products fully stocked and ready for distribution.

While special orders are welcome, please allow for additional time to fill a particularly complex order or an order with extensive specifications that are outside the typical engineering processes for film release liners. Fox River Associates appreciates all of our customers and look forward to engineering the best film release liners in the industry.

Self-adhesive release liner products are being used to a greater extent than ever before and differ dramatically from industry to industry . . . even within individual industries.

Here are some great examples of Film Release Liners being used in different industries:

  • Release Film for asphaltic and/or polymeric asphalt coated roofing UNDERLAYMENT - protects self-adhesive roofing membrane for waterproofing as well as foundation wrap
  • Release Film for WINDOW SEAL - products self-adhesive tape for air and moisture barrier around window frames
  • Release Film for PIPE WRAP TAPE - protects self-adhesive tape for concrete joint sealant
  • Release Film for FLASHING TAPE - protects self-adhesive tape for air and moisture barrier on roof angles and joists
  • Release Film for pressure sensitive polystyrene used in PACKAGING
  • Release Film for expanded polystyrene (EPS) FOAM
  • Release Film for SIGNAGE products that are digitally die cut

It takes an experienced, proven release liner supplier to understand the requirements of such a diverse range of applications . . . an innovative release liner supplier, highly skilled in product knowledge and problem solving. Fox River Associates is that release liner supplier.

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