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Film Release Liner Industry Applications

For over 30 years, Fox River Associates has been serving the industries that utilize release liners. We offer a variety of film release liners to ensure that your specific product needs can be met.

Film release liners offer durability when exposed to environmental elements, are flexible, and have exceptional moisture resistance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance. Film release liners are available in a wide variety of substrates and thicknesses delivering a wide range of performance and appearance to meet the specific requirements of customer applications.

Full Product Offering to Meet your Needs

At Fox River Associates, we offer a wide variety of film release liners to service the many applications in each market applications.

Siliconized Film Release Liners

Film release liners are used in a wide range of applications serving every market. Strong durability and reliable performance when exposed to environmental elements, filmic release liners from Fox River Associates are the industry standard.

Our siliconized film release liner spectrum includes:

Film Substrates

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyester (PET)
  • Specialty Coextruded Films


  • Solvent, Solventless, Fluoro
  • S1S, S2S (Equal and Differential)


  • Embossed Films
  • Colors
  • Printing – Backprinting; Under silicone printing

The choice of film substrate for your release liner depends on many factors, including the intended use, the required release properties, the environmental conditions the liner will be exposed to and the type of adhesives or chemicals that the liner will carry. Fox River Associates’ selection of films includes transparent films and some colors.

Release liners from Fox River Associates are available with solvent, solventless and fluoro silicone coatings. Liners are available coated on one side (S12), two sides (S2S), and many liners are available with equal or differential coatings. Some specialty liners have non-stick properties without silicone coating.

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Serving the Industry for Over 30 Years

Fox River Associates was started in 1990 with a simple concept in mind – to serve customers by providing specialized release liner in the quantities needed, when customers need it.

Unlike the industry’s large release liner suppliers, Fox River Associates does not require large minimum order quantities, and manages lead times closely. Our team’s extensive knowledge of technical release liner performance, market applications, and customer service combined with our problem solving mindset, makes Fox River Associates the right partner for all your release liner needs.

We offer strategically located regional US stocking locations to ensure timely service and delivery.

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Film Release Liner Industry Applications

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