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Film Release Liner Engineering

One Sided Film Release Liner
Film Release Liner Engineering


Two Sided Film Release Liner
Film Release Liner Engineering
The film release liners that are engineered by Fox River Associates are strong, reliable, durable, and safe. Our film release liners are engineered for a multitude of industries and applications, such as:
  • Automotive Part Film release liners
  • Composite Material Film release liners
  • Electronics Component Film release liners
  • Graphic Design Film release liners
  • Industrial Product Film release liners
  • Medical Film release liners
  • Roofing / Construction Material Film release liners
  • Tag / Label Film release liners
  • Tape / Mastic Film release liners

During the initial engineering process, our experienced film release liner associates can determine if your product needs a single sided or double sided film substrate. The core of the film release liner is crucial for performance and longer shelf life. After the initial single or double sided determination, the appropriate layers can be added to work better with your self adhesive products for a clean, strong application when removed. The film release liners engineered for Fox River Associates' clients come in a wide variety of configurations and combinations of one sided and two sided film release liner substrates.

Every film release liner produced for a Fox River Associates customer is engineered specifically for their products' application. Our customers often bring us specifications for their products recommended by their manufacturer and a lot of the time they work wonderfully. In other cases, our customers only have the product and no specs, that's when we can engineer or recommend a film release liner that will work perfectly with your self adhesive product.

Film release liners are widely used and important in everyday operations of companies, medical facilities, manufacturing industries, and more. Our film release liner engineering team can pair your self adhesive product with the best film release liner available, or prototype an entirely new one just for you.

That's the best part about Fox River Associates; if we don't already have a perfect match for your specifications available for you, we can handle the engineering for you to get it into production quickly.

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