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One Sided Film Release Liners


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Two Sided Film Release Liners

Fox River Associates is a professional film release liner company engineering and supplying great performing self adhesive product release liners to companies all over the world. Our expert film release liner engineers can help prototype the exact size, shape and thickness required for your self adhesive product. Our experience with film release liners allows us to recommend the best match between our options and your products.

Since film release liners come in varying colors and thicknesses, your options are vast and most film release liners can be custom cut to fit any product perfectly. If you provide specifications from a release liner production, we can match your specification exactly so you have consistancy in your self adhesive products' look and performance.

Some of the most common film release liner applications and markets we serve are:

  • Automotive Parts
  • Composite Materials
  • Electronics Components
  • Graphic Designs
  • Industrial Products
  • Medical
  • Roofing / Construction Materials
  • Tags & Labels
  • Tape & Mastics

Fox River Associates can have a custom film release liner engineered to nearly any specification if we don't already have a perfected release liner for your self adhesive product. We are a film release liner company and can help in prototyping, sizing and cutting your release liner into nearly any shape for a custom fit. Fox River Associates is a film release liner company with a lot of experience, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Film release liners are our business so you will find no one else who is more focused and more experienced in matching our film release liners with your self adhesive products.

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