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Fox River Associates is the industry leader in custom release liner development for pressure sensitive adhesive products. Our custom release liners can be prototyped with self-adhesive products with both film and paper release liner substrates. The release liner type depends primarily on the type of product and its intended use and storage methods. A great example is release liners that will be exposed to moisture or high heat will likely be a film substrate over paper.

Our team of custom release liner engineers can help you determine what type of release liner you need and get it formatted and fitted to your product for mass production. For more information on custom release liners from Fox River Associates, give us a call now at 630-232-3824 or fill out the form on the left and someone will get back to you shortly.

Custom Release Liners for Any Sized Production Run

A production run of customer release liners is available to our customers for any sized order. Fox River Associates doesn’t make our customers have a minimum order and we provide the best customer service. So your custom release liners can be run at any quantity required and repeated in the future if needed.

Custom Paper Release Liners

Fox River Associates provides customer engineered paper release liners for products coming to market or looking to improve their current release liner performance with a new formulary application. We work with product developers every day to get the most reliable and best functioning release possible.

Custom Film Release Liners

Along with high performance paper release liners, Fox River Associates provides film release liners as well. Depending on your product, industry, and application, a custom film release liner may be just what your product needs to perform perfectly during application.

To get started on your custom release liner development, call Fox River Associates now at 630-232-3824 or fill out the easy-to-use form along the left to be contacted with specific information.

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