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Choosing a Release Coating for your Liner

Factors to Consider

Simply put, release liners are composed of film or paper substrates and a release coating.  But there is nothing simple about the design and manufacturing of a release liner. The release coating is an integral part of a film or paper release liner and the overall performance of the liner.

Fox River Associates offers a extensive line of film release liners and paper release liners with a variety of release coatings.  Contact us today at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page.  Our team is ready to work with you.

Top Five Considerations for Release Coating Design

Close consideration to these five areas will help ensure the successful performance of the release liner in its end application.

  1. Adhesive or Coating Type: it is important to consider the properties of the adhesive or coating that the release liner will interact with. Different release coatings work well with different adhesives and coatings.  Fox River Associates work with you to understand your needs and choose the best release chemistry, coat weight, controlled release additives, and polymer crosslinker and determine the best release liner to meet your distinct needs.    
  2. Temperature Exposure: temperature, whether high or low, can affect the performance of a release coating and a release liner substrate. Identifying the exposure conditions up front will help guide the proper product selection.  Our experienced team works directly with you to explore all the temperature requirements of your application. 
  3. Mechanical Properties: there are many mechanical properties that can be important in determining the right release liner – strength, durability, and flexibility, for example. Specifying these important properties early in the development process can help narrow the search for and qualification of the appropriate release liner for your application.
  4. Die-Cutting/Slitting: die-cutting and slitting operations require specific properties in order to ensure a successful final product. The Fox River Associates team is versed in recommending the specific release coatings and substrates that perform well for these needs.
  5. End-Use Environmental Conditions: because release liners are used in a variety of applications, the end-use environmental conditions vary greatly. For example, you should consider how the release liner will be removed – by hand peel or machine peel.  The speed at which the liner is removed can contribute to choosing the proper silicone coating chemistry.  Identifying the conditions that your product will be produced in, applied in, and used in early in the specification stage ensures you get the right release liner for your application. 

Fox River Associates partners with you to ensure all requirements are clearly defined and understood so that we can recommend the most appropriate product (substrate and release coating) to serve your application’s needs and develop a supply partnership that meets your service needs. 

Contact Fox River Associates today and let one of our associates help you match the most appropriate release liner to your application.  Call us today at 1-800-647-6579.

Full Line of Release Coatings

Fox River Associates offers a full line of release coatings for our filmic release liners and paper release liners.  Our offering includes silicone release coatings and specialty release coatings. 

Release liners from Fox River Associates can be silicone coated one-side or coated on two-sides with the same or differential release coatings. Some of our many release liner substrates are available with specialty release coatings or no coatings at all.  We offer solvent and solventless silicone coatings as well as different fluoro based release coatings.  

After learning about your specific requirements and processing conditions, Fox River Associates will recommend the release coating and substrate that will help you deliver the best product to your customers.  

Call us today at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page to learn more about our full product offering and how Fox River Associates can work with you. 

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