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Choosing Film Release Liners

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Film Release Liners

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Film Release Liners

When choosing a film release liner, one must consider a few things like cost, durability, shelf life, color, thickness, shape, and volume. These features can be combined and considered for the best possible film release liner configuration for your products. Our helpful staff can help lead you in the right direction if needed as well as our engineering team can prototype very specific release liners when required.

If cost is something to consider, your best approach is to increase the volume you order in order to minimize the cost per unit. Keeping the cost down is more difficult with custom shaped and sized film release liners however utilizing standard or ready made release liners are less expensive than custom jobs.

For a more professional presentation, add color to your film release liners to match your product, your branding, or the packaging. Create the continuity of a complete product including the film release liners, reassuring your customer base that your product is a quality one, especially the release liner. When a release liner is removed during application, a customer remembers what products were easier to work with or applied better. A bold color choice will imprint on them and they will look for your product the next time they need that product.

The shape of a film release liner is typically the same as the surface of the self adhesive product it's made for. When the products are flat or on a roll, there is less cutting and customization, so the cost is overall lower for the production. Film release liners can be die-cut to individually match a product 1:1 which makes for a very nice presentation as well for a finely engineered product. Generic release liners can be oversized and wasteful. Get the most accurate film release liner cutting and sizing from Fox River Associates.

For more information on film release liners, reordering, or prototyping, contact Fox River Associates Today!

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