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Fox River Associates Offers Best-in-Class Paper Release Liners

Delivering the highest quality product in the marketplace is core to the mission of Fox River Associates. Our paper release liners are best-in-class offering temperature resistance, stiffness, and high resistance to many solvent-based coatings.

Benefits of Fox River Associates’ Paper Release Liner

Paper Release Liners are used in a diverse range of applications serving all market/industries applications. You can find paper release liners in medical adhesive bandages, consumer and industrial labels, and in composite pre-preg applications.  Because of their wide application range, you’ll find paper release liners in almost every market industry.

Fox River Associates paper release liner offering includes these substrates:

  • Glassine
  • Super Calendared Kraft (SCK)
  • Poly Coated Kraft (PCK)
  • Clay Coated Kraft (CCK)
  • Machine Glazed Kraft (MGK)
  • Moisture Stable and Specialty Base Papers

These substrates combined with our solvent and solventless coatings offer a full range of paper release liners for whatever your application requirements may need. Many of our coatings are available coated 1 side or 2 sides, with equal or differential coatings.

For more information about our Paper Release Liner product offering, contact Fox River Associates today at 1-800-647-6579 or use the form on this page.  Our experienced team is ready to collaborate with you.


SCK/Glassine Paper Release Liners

SCK/Glassine paper release liners offer a dense, smooth surface with exceptional mechanical strength. These paper release liners have good coatability and anchorage of silicone. These calendared paper release liners deliver great results for die cutting and slitting. SCK and glassine paper release liners are available in a variety of substrate weights.

Poly Coated (PCK) Paper Release Liners

Poly Coated Release liners offer great moisture stability helping to maintain the form and flatness of the release liner. These benchmark quality properties ensure consistent moisture levels that can deter curling or warping of the liner which could create issues in manufacturing and converting.

The combination of these layflat and dimensional stability characteristics will prevent the performance of the coating or the processing from being affected by the changes in climate.

Fox River Associates’ PCK liners are manufactured with a multitude of surfaces - gloss/matte, gloss/gloss, matte/matte, ½ matte or grainer surfaces. Surface characteristics can affect the look, uniformity and feedability on your processing equipment. In addition, the poly layer of the PCK adds strength and increases the resistance to tearing.

Contact us today to learn more about our SCK/Glassine and Poly Coated Kraft liner offering, and to learn more about the full breadth of paper and film based release liners available from Fox River Associates. Email us at, or call 1-800-647-6679.

Meeting the Needs of the Market

Paper Release Liners offer unique benefits for many applications including those in these markets:

  • Graphic Arts Release Liners
  • Industrial Release Liners
  • Medical Release Liners
  • Tape Release Liners
  • Automotive Release Liners
  • Building/Construction Release Liners
  • Ceramic Release Liners

Fox River Associates offers a full line of paper and film based release liners to serve many market applications. Our team is experienced in asking the right questions about your application and processing conditions and recommending the right release liner for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your needs and help your business grow. Call us today at 1-800-647-6679 or contact us at

Paper Release Liners – Available when you need them

Because we focus on customer satisfaction, Fox River Associates is committed to carrying inventory of release liner products that allows us to deliver in a timely fashion and help our customers grow. By partnering with us you won’t be restricted by large minimum order quantities. Our strong partnerships with our material and service partners ensure we’re working together to serve the needs of customers for product quality, product availability, and delivery. Our goal is to be your preferred supplier for all your paper release liner and film release liner needs.

Contact us today – we want to understand your business opportunities, so we can help you grow. Use the form on this page, email us at, or call 1-800-647-6679. We’re ready to work with you.

Paper Release Liners

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