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A Look at rElease liners and specialty converters

Specialty converters have a crucial role in the manufacturing process of various industries, especially in electronics, medicine, and automotives. Their main job is to take large rolls of tapes and adhesive materials and transform them into smaller, usable parts, a fundamental task involved in creating customized products to meet specific needs. They offer a range of valuable applications like applying adhesive coatings, combining materials through lamination, precision cutting through die-cutting, splitting materials into desired widths, spooling, and cutting materials into sheets.

At Fox River Associates, our range of release liner products and services positions us as the ideal ally for specialty converters. Our collection comprises an extensive selection, including paper and film release liners. With a well-stocked inventory, we ensure prompt service to cater to your needs efficiently. Drawing on our knowledgeable and experienced staff, we are well-equipped to guide you in choosing the appropriate release liner products tailored to your requirements.

Diverse Range of Release Liner Options

Count on Fox River Associates as your premium siliconized release liner supplier. We present a large selection featuring both film and paper release liners across diverse substrates also including PET, PP, HDPE, and LDPE film release liners. Our paper release liner assortment includes clay coated kraft, poly coated kraft, and glassine options. This wide and diverse range positions us to effectively address the dynamic demands of specialty converters and cater to the distinct applications of their customers.

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Expert Collaborators for Tailored Applications

Specialty converters are frequently involved in crafting personalized goods. Given the distinct nature of each application, collaboration is key. At Fox River Associates, we establish close partnerships with our specialty converter clients, skillfully posing key inquiries to grasp the manufacturing and processing context of their converting and die-cutting needs. Our extensive experience in release liner performance, adhesive compatibility, and material insights significantly enhances our service accommodations to clients. Through collaborative efforts, we provide recommendations and supply the fitting release liner solution for each unique application.

Working closely with our clients and partners, we offer prototype release liners, trial rolls, and tailored items. Fox River Associates seamlessly integrates into the development process, becoming an integral part of the team for crafting custom converted and die-cut product applications.

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Unrivaled Fox River Associates Fulfillment Times

When pinpointing the suitable release liner for the specialty converted application, Fox River Associates' service initiative ensures the swift delivery of these top-notch technical products. Our dedication to maintaining a ready inventory means rapid turnaround times, bolstering the growth of our valued customers and partners. With Fox River Associates, you're not weighed down by substantial minimum order requirements or extended lead times. Our service encompasses furnishing release liners in rolls tailored to the exact width and length specifications, offering optimal flexibility.

Fox River Associates is your perfect partner as specialty converters because we possess extensive know-how about products, offer a full range of film and paper release liners, and maintain a readily available inventory to swiftly cater to your needs. This unique blend of attributes sets us apart as the ultimate partner for specialty converters.

No matter the purpose – whether it's for industries like industrial, electronics, medical, or automotive, count on Fox River Associates as your go-to ally for specialized converting and precise die-cutting needs.

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